Set up flagpole in the garden - legal basis & interesting facts

In many gardens, brightly colored flags flutter in the wind. But is it just allowed to set up a mast? That's what the legislator says.

'54, '74, '90, 2014 "- in these years Germany has successfully won the World Cup. The flags of Germany have been hoisted everywhere throughout the championship. No matter where you looked, it was waving black, red and gold ,

Raising the flag is not only a huge phenomenon for the World Cup or European Championship, you can often see flags from your favorite club waving at the start of the Bundesliga.

Football time is not the only time when the flags blow in the wind. Anyone who has ever driven through an allotment garden knows how many flagpoles are there all year round. This can be that of the local rifle club, self-made flags or that of your favorite sports club.

In addition to the enthusiastic flag fans, there are also those who are bothered by such a flagpole. To what extent flagpoles are allowed in the garden, I would like to explain to you in this article.

Flagpole in the garden - that's what the legislators say

In Germany you need a permit for many things. So it is not surprising that this question also arises when it comes to building a flagpole. In general, a flagpole in this country does not require a permit up to a height of 10 meters. However, there are different regulations and guidelines from state to state and even from municipality to municipality. Be on the safe side if you inquire at the local building authority or read up on the building regulations of your respective federal state (at

Structural changes

If you want to set up a flagpole in the garden, you have to pour a foundation from a certain height. Without this, the mast would not find a permanent and, above all, sufficient hold and would thus become a source of danger.

In this regard, it should be said that a foundation represents a structural change. If you use a garden for rent, you must get permission from the landlord in this case. Also keep in mind that the foundation must be created professionally, but not by a specialist. You can find professional instructions for the foundation at

There is also a structural change if you want to attach the flagpole to a building. The wall bracket has a fixed connection to the building and must be approved accordingly.

You can choose between aluminum and wood for the flagpoles. Aluminum masts (seen at have the advantage that they are protected against rust in the long term. Although wood fits better into the charm of a gazebo, it has the disadvantage that it needs to be repainted every year to protect the wood from rotting.

Good neighborhood

The waving of the flag is not only a visual change that could possibly disturb a neighbor, but also in terms of noise level. Flags don't fly silently in the wind. However, the Arnsberg Administrative Court (Az. 8 K 1679/12) has ruled that this is not an unreasonable disruption (can be viewed at However, in order not to endanger the neighborhood peace, it would be advisable to speak to your neighbor and to let him know about your project. For example, you could agree in advance that the flag should be drawn in in wind and rain in order to minimize the noise level.

»By the way: The distance between the mast and the neighbor should be at least 2 meters in all directions.

The right flag - important information

Unlike companies, private individuals do not have to obtain approval to raise a flag. Whether you raise the flag of your favorite football club or the sports club next door - it's up to you. It is important, however, that the flag has no forbidden symbols or emblems.