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Keeping cypresses in a pot - location, care and wintering

If you love the flair of Tuscany, you should definitely bring cypresses into the garden. They are even something for the balcony, as they can also be kept in the pot.

Hardly any other plant has as much Mediterranean flair as cypress trees. And who doesn't know them, the typical pictures from Italy of winding streets, lined to the right and left by countless cypresses, all around olive groves, fields and endless meadows. If you want to bring a good piece of Tuscany into your garden, you have found the easiest and best way with one or more cypresses. Because even if you associate this hedge crop best with Italy, cypresses also thrive in Germany. However, only if you note a few important points in terms of care and planting.

Cypresses cut a fine figure in the garden both as a hedge and as single plants. The best thing about the cypress, which belongs to the conifer family, is the fact that it can be kept both in the open country and in the pot. However, it must be noted that cypresses, if they are kept in a pot, have slightly different care and maintenance requirements than if they were planted outdoors.

It depends on the right pot

If you want to keep a cypress as a container or pot plant, you should never choose a pot that is too small for the plant. Because over time, cypresses develop a strong root system that remains superficial, but nevertheless experiences a certain spread. The roots of cypresses kept outdoors are strong enough to damage the foundations of buildings, sidewalks or streets - a pot that is too small will sooner or later damage the tub itself. The tub should be at least twice the size of the root ball when planted , It should also be large enough so that a drainage layer can be inserted - this is important so that the cypress is not permanently in the water. The following are particularly suitable as a drainage layer:

  • shingle
  • perlite
  • Clay or tile shards
  • coarse-grained sand

In general, a pot for a cypress always needs a drain hole on the bottom, otherwise water will collect in the pot, which cypresses do not get well. Here's a quick guide on how to plant cypress properly.

Proper care ensures years of joy

A cypress is one of the plants that you can really enjoy for years, even if they are kept in a bucket on the terrace or balcony. In order for the joy to last as long as possible, the right care is necessary. Especially cypresses that are kept in a pot usually need a little more care than those that were planted outdoors. If the cypress is planted in a sufficiently large pot with appropriate drainage, you need to consider a few more things so that the elegant Mediterranean beauties can spray their flair as long as possible.

The right location:

Cypresses love the sun, that's for sure. And yet with pot cypresses you should make sure that the trees are not exposed to the midday sun for too long. Otherwise, the tips of the needles burn and quickly turn brown, which gives the cypress a sickly appearance. The location should be in the shade at noon, be protected from the wind and guarantee that the cypress gets a lot of morning and evening sun. Cypress trees generally prefer bright rooms and surroundings, whether in summer or winter - too much shade is not good for the Mediterranean trees.

Water cypresses properly:

Cypresses have to be watered regularly, sometimes several times a day in summer. It is important to ensure that watering is carried out whenever the soil in the pot is completely dry on the surface.

Rainwater is most suitable as irrigation water. It is particularly important to ensure that cypresses do not tolerate backwater at all. For this reason, drainage and drainage hole are particularly important in these plants.

Sufficient nutrients ensure rapid growth:

Cypresses are fast-growing plants, which is why they need a lot of nutrients. You should therefore fertilize cypresses sufficiently every two to three weeks during the growth phase. A liquid fertilizer for conifers is best suited for this. However, fertilization is only from spring to autumn.

Since the soil in the pot leaches out relatively quickly, even with sufficient fertilizer and water, it is important to repot the cypress on average every two years.

How cypresses are overwintered in a bucket:

In winter, cypresses in pots must be treated differently from those planted outdoors. The big advantage of pot cypresses is the fact that you can put them indoors in winter or at least under a roof. This is also important because in the pot, cypresses are not hardy - this means that they must not be exposed to frost.

Cypress trees must be kept in a room at temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees in winter. In addition, the area should be bright. On a protected balcony or under a patio cover, you can also let cypress trees hibernate outdoors in the pot - if you cover them sufficiently and ensure that they are protected. They should also be close enough to the house to get the warmth emitted by the house.

Advantages and disadvantages of keeping cypresses in a pot

Advantages of planting in a potDisadvantages of planting in a pot
❍ The cypresses can be moved and moved if necessary.
❍ Thanks to their slim growth, cypresses are also ideal as potted plants to be placed next to sidewalks or entrances.
❍ As potted plants, cypresses are also insensitive to regular shape cuts.
❍ Pot cypresses can also be kept on patios or balconies - a perfect alternative for apartments and houses without large gardens.
❍ Cypresses that are kept in a pot are not hardy and must overwinter at temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius.
❍ Cypresses must be repotted every 2 years at the latest.
❍ In the pot, cypresses need more fertilizer, more regular watering and generally more care than those cypresses that are planted outdoors.


Cypresses give every garden, balcony and terrace a very special charm. No wonder, we know them mainly from pictures that we associate with vacation, freedom and Mediterranean flair. Cypresses can also be kept wonderfully in a pot - as long as you follow the necessary care instructions. Because even though cypresses are very well suited for planting in pots due to their comparatively low demands and their slim growth, as potted plants they need a lot more care and attention than when planting outdoors.