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Pepper Butuz

Sweet peppers are loved by many. They occupy a worthy place among the cultivated vegetable crops. Bright, fragrant, crispy beauties evoke positive emotions by their very appearance. Compliance with agricultural techniques and correctly selected varieties allow you to grow your favorite vegetable and get a decent harvest.

Characteristics of the variety

Sweet (bulgarian) pepper of the Butuz variety is a hybrid, refers to medium early. From germination to fruit, 115 - 130 days pass. Semi-spreading bush, up to 80 cm high, medium-sized leaves of dark green color. Pepper Butuz is recommended for planting in greenhouses and hotbeds. What pepper looks like, see the photo below.

At the end of winter, plant Butuz seeds for seedlings. After the appearance of two real leaves, dive the plants. Early picking of seedlings does not tolerate well. How to sow pepper for seedlings, look at the video:

At the end of May, the plants will be ready for transplanting into the soil of a film or glass greenhouse. Follow the 40x60 landing pattern. The earth should warm up to + 13 + 15 degrees.

The presence of warmth and light is extremely important for pepper. Growing this culture in a greenhouse is advisable. Plants grown in protected, closed ground are able to give the maximum yield. Since they will be protected from sudden changes in temperature and other natural disasters. The yield of the Butuz variety is 6 kg per sq. m.

Plants respond with active growth and fruiting to regular watering and loosening. No bush formation is required, tear off the lower leaves and shoots before the first fork. Plants are very fragile, so that they do not break under the weight of the fruit, be sure to tie them up.

Sweet pepper Butuz has pale green fruits in technical ripeness, bright red in biological ripeness. Weight up to 180 g, fruit wall thickness 7 - 8 mm, fruit 2 - 3 chambers. The shape is conical. The use of fruits of different ripeness depends only on gastronomic preferences.

It should only be added to the description that the pulp is juicy, pleasant to the taste, bright, peppery aroma. Suitable for preparing various dishes and winter preparations.


Veronika Stepanovna, 66 years old, Cheboksary

We always plant a lot of sweet peppers, as we make preparations for the winter. And we plant it in the greenhouse to be sure with the harvest. After planting seeds for seedlings, the first shoots appeared after 6 days. The Butuz variety was a pleasant surprise. Without abundant large foliage, but with a bountiful harvest. The peppers are tasty, aromatic, large, weighing almost 200 g.

Anastasia Mokrovitskaya, 54 years old, Kazan

For growing in a greenhouse, I picked up the Butuz variety. The seedlings turned out to be of good quality, they sprouted amicably. I planted it in the ground in mid-May. The harvest was good, I treated my colleagues at work. Everyone liked the delicate taste of the peppers.

Vetrov A.V., 69 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

The Butuz variety was grown last year. The variety is picky. It is not necessary to form a bush. The harvest received an average of 5 kg per sq.m. My wife and I made a lot of blanks: lecho, different salads, frozen. And they ate fresh, for sure, since peppers are very useful for health. The taste is good, pleasant. I'll plant it again. And so that the earth does not disappear, in the aisles I put onions on the greenery.

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