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Remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Prestige

Every year, gardeners across the country struggle with the Colorado potato beetle. In specialized stores, there is a huge selection of drugs for this pest. Often, gardeners have to experiment for a long time to find an effective remedy. Many have opted for Prestige. How exactly this substance differs from other means, and how to use it correctly, we will see below.

Description of the drug

"Prestige" is a concentrated suspension that must be diluted immediately before use. The product consists of two main substances:

  • pencycuron in the amount of 150 grams per liter;
  • imidacloprid in an amount of 140 grams per liter.

The first substance belongs to pesticides, but at the same time it perfectly fights various fungi. Thus, you can not only get rid of beetles, but also prevent diseases. Imidacloprid belongs to the class of chloronicotinyls. These are substances with a fast mechanism of action.

Attention! "Prestige" Begins to act immediately after the processing of potatoes.

After planting the tubers, moisture carries the substance throughout the soil. Thus, a protective shell is formed around the bushes. The growing tops also absorb the product. Having processed the potatoes before planting, you can not worry about the appearance of beetles during the entire vegetative period. In addition, potatoes are protected from diseases such as brown rust, rot and powdery mildew.

It also helps potatoes withstand hot weather and changing weather conditions more easily. In addition, Prestige has an effect on the growth of bushes and even tubers. Processing with this tool helps to grow potatoes with an excellent presentation.

Important! If the site is not fenced off from neighbors, then it is necessary to process the garden together. Otherwise, the Colorado beetles will quickly get over to you again.

How Prestige works

As mentioned above, the drug contains 2 main components. Imidacloprid is targeted against Colorado beetles. This substance enters the body of the pest and completely paralyzes it. Due to the affected nervous system, the insect simply dies. But pencycuron is responsible for the health of the bushes. It is an excellent fungicide that prevents plants from picking up the fungus.

It is enough to use the product once to forget about beetles for the whole season. To do this, before planting, the potato tubers should be treated with the drug. Please note that Prestige does not protect bushes from wireworms. The instructions indicate that the substance also acts on this pest, however, the experience of gardeners shows that this is not the case.

Many are concerned about the safety of this product for human health. We can say with confidence that the substance will not harm you. The fact is that the drug accumulates in the upper part of the plant, and the tubers themselves do not remain.

Important! Already 2 months after planting the tubers, even the remains of Prestige are not found in young potatoes. The drug completely decomposes after 40 days from the day of treatment.

Most gardeners who have tested this substance in practice confirm its antifungal properties. The drug not only protects the planted tubers, but also remains in the soil for 2 months, serving as a protection for both potatoes and other plants growing nearby.

Instructions for use

"Prestige" from the Colorado potato beetle is used before planting potatoes for processing seed or seedlings. The solution should be prepared immediately before processing. In this case, the drug is diluted in the following ratio:

  • 50 ml of the product;
  • 3 liters of water.

The solution is mixed well and the procedure is started. This amount is enough to process about 50 kilograms of potatoes. Tubers must be evenly placed on a film or roofing felt. For the product to be well distributed during application, the layer should be no more than 2-3 potatoes. After that, using a Prestige spray bottle, spray the potatoes so that the substance covers at least a quarter of each tuber. If the solution does not work well, you can turn the potatoes over and repeat the procedure. The better the spray, the better you will be able to apply the product.

Important! The tubers should be processed no earlier than 2 hours before planting.

The instructions for use do not indicate whether it is possible to process the sliced ​​potatoes. However, most experienced gardeners do not advise doing this. Before processing, the tubers must be removed from the cellar and placed in a warm place to warm the potatoes. It should also be a little sprouted. After applying the product, the tubers should stand for 2 hours.

It is necessary to move the potatoes to the site after the procedure in a bag. Processing of seed material with "Prestige" helps to destroy all pathogens, various infections and microorganisms. In addition, the drug increases the immunity of potatoes for the entire period of growth.


Some gardeners process the tubers even before germination, about 2 weeks before planting. To do this, mix 1.2 liters of water with 60 ml of the drug. The mixture is sprayed in the same way as in the previous case. After the tubers are dry, they are moved to a place convenient for germination. It is important to take into account that before planting, it is also necessary to re-spray the tubers, as in the first case. Such preparation will greatly increase the resistance of the potato and protect it from the Colorado potato beetle.

Some gardeners are used to growing potatoes using seedlings. In this case, it is also possible to carry out treatment with Prestige. To prepare the solution, take 2 liters of water and 20 ml of the drug. The roots of the finished seedlings are dipped into the prepared mixture and left so for about 8 hours. Immediately after the expiration of time, the seedlings are planted in open ground.

Safety engineering

"Prestige" belongs to the third class in terms of toxicity. Such substances are harmful to the human body. To reduce the effect of the drug, you must follow the safety rules during the preparation and use of the substance. To do this, put on gloves on your hands, put on boots made of rubber, and you will also need protection for the respiratory tract. Clothing should cover the entire body, and a face shield and headgear will also come in handy.

The procedure should be carried out only in calm weather. Thus, the substance will not get onto the surrounding plants or animals. At the end of the procedure, all clothes are washed, as well as equipment. Then you need to thoroughly rinse your nose and throat. Be sure to take a shower.

Attention! During processing, under no circumstances should you smoke, drink water or eat.

Disadvantages of the drug and the rules for its storage

This tool fights well with the Colorado potato beetle, however, you should not close your eyes to some of the shortcomings or nuances:

  1. Early potatoes cannot be processed with Prestige. As mentioned above, harmful substances completely leave the fruit only after 2 months. Therefore, the preparation is more suitable for processing mid-season and late potatoes.
  2. Due to the toxicity of the drug, it is advised to use it only if no other less harmful substances help.
  3. The original drug is quite expensive, so some manufacturers began to produce fakes. You should be careful not to get low prices. The official manufacturer of Prestige is Bayer.

The substance is stored in a dry room at a temperature not lower than -20 ° C and not higher than + 40 ° C. It must be kept in its original packaging, away from small children and animals. The shelf life of the funds is no more than two years.


Gardeners spend a lot of time and energy fighting the Colorado potato beetle. "Prestige" is an excellent remedy that simultaneously destroys pests and protects plants from fungi. Of course, like any other poison, this poison from the Colorado potato beetle contains substances harmful to human health. Therefore, you should be very careful when using this tool.


Elena Viktorovna, 37 years old, Dalnegorsk

"Prestige", of course, is not the most harmless means, but in extreme cases it even helps out. I try to use it not every year to keep the beneficial bacteria in the soil. It helps well from the colorado, but, as I noticed, it has no effect on the wireworm.

Evgenia Petrovna, 46 years old, Yegoryevsk

There is simply no longer the strength to fight the Colorado potato beetle. We also tried Prestige. The remedy really helps, insects appear only at the end of the growing season. After two years of use, they decided to take a break, as they had heard enough reviews about the harmfulness of such drugs. Whatever it was, but this tool is really effective. There are so few beetles in the beds that they practically do not pose any threat to the harvest. As a last resort, you can assemble it by hand.

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