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Video: store firewood correctly - how it is done

Being able to call a fireplace your own is something special. He not only heats his own home, but can also have a calming effect with his blazing fire. So that the fire burns properly and can heat up, it needs dry wood. However, many fireplace owners still make the mistake of storing the firewood incorrectly and then wondering about the low heating output.

In this video, the stove builder Ingo explains how to store the wood correctly. It is not only the right location that is important, but also the size of the individual logs. If you were still unsure, you should definitely watch the video.

Did you know?

If you throw too much wood into the fireplace, sooner or later you risk a fire. This is triggered by shiny soot that can accumulate in the chimney. In addition, burning moist wood creates more carbon monoxide and other pollutants, which can make the fireplace wear out faster or cause greater damage to a brick chimney.

My advice: Firewood should not exceed 12-15% residual moisture. With a moisture meter, you can regularly check the residual moisture and thus know exactly when you can use the wood. A residual moisture meter for wood and other building materials is already available for less than 20 euros.