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Pepper characteristic Orange miracle

Among gardeners, there are many opponents of hybrid varieties. Someone considers the purchase of their seeds unprofitable, since there is no longer any point in taking their own seeds from the vegetables grown. After all, they will no longer repeat all the wonderful properties of mother plants. Someone is afraid that GMO components will be used during hybridization and there is no way to control the result obtained. And someone, in general, is a conservative by nature, and does not like to get involved with new products, believing that the new is just a well forgotten old.

But still, many, especially farmers and professionals working in large agricultural firms, understand that it is hybrids that make it possible to obtain from plants such characteristics that, in aggregate, are difficult to expect from any ordinary variety. A striking example is the Orange Miracle F1 sweet pepper. By very many, if not by all characteristics, he claims to be in the first place. And therefore, it is not surprising that it is very popular almost on a par with the famous Californian miracle sweet pepper, to one of the varieties of which it is very similar even in appearance. In the article you can get acquainted not only with the description of the hybrid orange miracle pepper variety and its photo, but also with the peculiarities of its cultivation and the reviews of the people who grew it on their plots.

Description of the hybrid

Hybrid Orange miracle obtained as a result of the selection work of Dutch specialists. It has been known in our country for a long time, and many well-known seed-growing agricultural firms, such as "Aelita", "Sedek", "Semko", produce these seeds. But it was the Semko-Junior company that decided to add this hybrid variety on its own behalf to the State Register of Russia. This happened already in 2012.

Apparently, the popularity of the variety haunts many seed producers, since more pepper varieties with a similar name have appeared.

Caution! Under the name Orange Miracle, another pepper is produced in Russia - hot, or subshrub.

Therefore, before buying seeds, be sure to carefully study the packaging on both sides to make sure that this is exactly the bell pepper you were looking for.

The bushes of this hybrid of pepper differ at the same time in power, height and compactness. When grown in open ground, they are capable of reaching a height of one meter or more. In general, the growth of the Orange Miracle is unlimited, which must be taken into account for the correct formation of plants. When formed in two trunks, the height of the bushes in greenhouse conditions can reach 1.5-2 meters. The stems are strong and do not grow strongly in different directions, but rather stick together. Dark green medium-sized leaves are smooth, without a hint of wrinkling.

One of the undoubted advantages of Orange Miracle pepper is its early maturation. The technical maturity of pepper fruits occurs already after 100-110 days after germination.

Attention! It is interesting that in some reviews even terms of 85-90 days appear, which have elapsed since the emergence of seedlings to the technical ripening of fruits.

For the onset of biological maturity, however, it is necessary to wait another week or another. Although the fruits are able to ripen well in indoor conditions, and the removal of fruits at the stage of technical maturity stimulates the formation of new ovaries and, thus, increases the already rather large yield. So, it's up to you to wait for the peppers to ripen on the bushes or not. In any case, if the number of bushes allows an experiment, then it is worth dividing the plantings into two parts and trying both methods of harvesting in order to evaluate the results later.

Many gardeners will be attracted by the fact that the Orange Miracle pepper can be easily grown both on ordinary beds in open ground, and under various shelters: from arc greenhouses to polycarbonate greenhouses.

The Orange Miracle hybrid is distinguished by its amazing yield indicators - when using the correct agricultural technology, up to 12-15 kg of sweet and juicy peppers can be harvested from one square meter of planting. Of course, these figures refer, first of all, to greenhouse conditions, but in the open field it is quite possible to get up to 8-10 kg per sq. meter, which is a very good result for sweet peppers.

Like many hybrids, Orange Miracle pepper is tolerant of various unfavorable growing factors - it tolerates temperature extremes, insufficient or excessive humidity, and sets fruits well even in cloudy and cool weather. But, of course, it will show the best results when creating the most favorable conditions.

The resistance to various diseases of this hybrid is also at its best - the originators claim that Orange Miracle pepper is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and tomato bronze.

Fruit characteristics

The most interesting thing is that at an early ripening period, this hybrid is distinguished by a truly excellent taste and quality of fruits. It has the following characteristics:

  • Peppers grow predominantly cubic in shape, although some reviews note that the shape of the fruit can be slightly elongated with a characteristic spout at the end. Perhaps this can happen due to misgrading of seeds. The fruits of the sweet Orange miracle have a drooping growth shape, like most bell peppers, in contrast to the shrub hot pepper of the same name, the fruits of which are directed upwards.
  • The orange miracle is characterized by large fruit sizes, reaching 11 cm in length and width, while the average weight of one pepper is approximately 200-230 grams.
  • Hybrid Orange miracle refers to thick-walled peppers, the wall thickness is 8-9 mm.
  • Peppers have a highly glossy smooth surface with juicy pulp and 3-4 chambered core.
  • Coloring in the period of technical maturity is dark green, and when ripe, the fruits acquire an elegant bright orange, sometimes even closer to red coloring.
  • Taste qualities are excellent, they are rated on a solid five.
  • The purpose of the peppers is universal - they will look great in any dishes, be it winter preparations or culinary masterpieces for any celebration.
  • Marketability, that is, the number of marketable fruits among all those ripened on the bush, is high. Peppers can last well and for a long time and can withstand transportation over almost any distance.

Growing features

Due to the early maturity of the hybrid, it can be grown for seedlings at different times, depending on where you are going to grow it. If you have the opportunity to plant it in a greenhouse under a shelter to obtain a super-early harvest in late spring - early summer, then seedlings can be started to grow from February.

If you have plans to grow pepper in ordinary beds or, at most, under covering arches, then there is no point in sowing the seeds of the Orange Miracle for seedlings before March, since before planting the seedlings can greatly outgrow and it will be painful to survive planting in the ground.

The seeds of this hybrid are distinguished by good germination, like most Dutch hybrids. As a rule, they do not need any additional treatments before sowing, as they are often processed by the manufacturer. After the emergence of seedlings, seedlings of peppers must be placed in cooler conditions (not higher than + 20 ° C) in order to enable the root system to grow well.

It is advisable to make a pick in separate pots when two true leaves appear. Since the Orange Miracle pepper has a large growth force, it is better to prepare rather voluminous cups for transplanting, so that when planted in the ground, each plant stays in a container with a volume of about 1 liter.

For the same reason, no more than three bushes of Orange Miracle pepper are placed on one square meter, or they are planted according to a 50x70 cm scheme. Powerful bushes usually do not need supports or garters.

The most important agronomic technique for obtaining large yields of juicy and tasty peppers is regular watering and feeding. On hot days, pepper needs daily watering, preferably not with cold, settled water.

The first feeding is carried out another week after the pick during the growing of seedlings. Then a few days after planting pepper plants in the ground, during the formation of buds and in the phase of the end of flowering.

Advice! After harvesting the first wave of the harvest, you can try feeding the pepper again so that it has time to set and form a new batch of fruits.

The first top dressing can be carried out with a complex fertilizer with an approximately equal content of basic elements. All subsequent solutions for feeding peppers should contain a minimum amount of nitrogen and a maximum variety of trace elements.

Reviews of gardeners

The popularity of the Orange Miracle pepper can only be compared with the Golden California Miracle, so the reviews of gardeners recognize all the indisputable advantages of this hybrid. Interestingly, these varieties are very similar to each other. The difference is only in the timing of ripening and in the fact that one is a variety and the other is a hybrid.

Vladimir, 45 years old, Nevinnomsk

I have been growing various varieties and hybrids of sweet peppers in my fields for several years. I also tried the Orange Miracle. I consider it one of the most worthy hybrids, fully justifying all the costs of its seeds and seedling care. It ripens quite early - it is one of the five earliest bell peppers. Pepper is unpretentious at the seedling stage, takes root well and without problems during transplantation, withstands short night temperature drops. Resistant to various diseases, therefore, requires minimal treatments from pests and diseases. If the spring is warm, then I manage to collect two waves of the harvest, and all my efforts are fully paid off. The fruits themselves are very attractive in appearance and have excellent taste characteristics. Of course, to get the most out of the crop, it, like any pepper, requires abundant watering. Especially in hot climates.

Nadezhda, 52 years old, Lipetsk

Sometime about five years ago, my son-in-law introduced me to the Orange Miracle pepper, bringing the seeds of this hybrid. I really liked it, because it meets all my most important needs - both fruitful, and thick-walled, and tasty, and at the same time it still ripens quite early. So, most of the fruits manage to ripen right on the bushes. And what a wonderful color the peppers have! Put them on a plate, and just the sight rises the mood. And if you combine several colors in the marinade, then it is orange that looks brighter than everyone else. He even spits yellow in this sense. And caring for this hybrid is the most common - it does not give me any difficulties - just know, just water it more often, especially in hot weather. And he will certainly thank you with his magnificent fruits.


Indeed, the Orange miracle pepper is a real find for any summer resident. It combines decent yield, early maturity, disease resistance and amazing taste. Try to grow it and maybe your opinion about hybrids will change for the better.

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