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Planting calla - you have to consider this when sowing in the garden and in pots

Callas are no longer just houseplants. The plants decorate gardens and tubs with increasing frequency. And the best? They are easy to grow. Look for yourself.

Callas are very undemanding plants White calyx-shaped flowers, deep green, upward-pointing leaves and an enchanting elegance - there is no question that this is clearly the Calla. A plant that is no longer only found in flower pots in the house, but also gives gardens a noble expression. And although the plant comes from southern Africa, there are no problems in this country to plant the calla. You even have two options.

Callas, also known as Zantedeschia, can be sown using seeds, but this often takes several years. It is much easier with bulbs. This works very well in the garden and in the flowerpot and is not difficult at all.

Plant Calla in a pot or tub

The best time to plant the onion of the Calla is in the spring from March to May. You can plant callas that are in heated indoor areas all year round from February and alternatively in autumn. Callas make no special demands on the floor. Use common potting soil or garden soil and mix in a little sand to improve the water permeability of the substrate.

When placing the onion in the pot or bucket, make sure that the round, root-forming side is facing down and the tip is facing up. The planting depth is five to seven centimeters. Place the pot planted with the onion under water until there are no more bubbles. Excess water must then be able to drain off easily.

Plant calla in the garden

Do not plant your Calla in the garden until the ice saints are over. An earlier date from March is possible, but the plant may be lost if the temperature falls below freezing again in mid-May. If you want to use the whole of spring sensibly, simply pull the onions indoors from March and then put them outdoors after the ice saints.

Be careful not to injure the roots when lifting the plant out of the flowerpot. Place the pot at an angle and remove the substrate from the wrist with rapid shaking movements. Then grasp the onion with two fingers and carefully pull it out. Choose a sunny, well sheltered location in the garden for your Calla.

Water Calla properly

After you have planted your Calla, correct watering is the biggest challenge. The plants in their natural habitat are used to wet and dry periods throughout the year. As a rule of thumb, you can remember: Calla likes to be moist until flowering in June or July and then rather dry. You should also no longer fertilize the plants after flowering.