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Zucchini variety Aeronaut

One of the most popular varieties of zucchini among the gardeners of our country for many years has been the zucchini Aeronaut. Its popularity is growing from year to year due to the long preservation of freshness of the fruit and high nutritional characteristics.

Variety characteristics

This zucchini variety is early maturing. And this means that within two months he will please the gardener with his fruits. And his fruits are all as one, neat and even, with an average length of up to 15 cm and a weight of up to 1.5 kg. The cylindrical shape of the fruit is evenly colored dark green. The pulp of the fruit is white. It has excellent taste characteristics due to its tenderness and juiciness. The dry matter in the pulp does not exceed 7%, and the sugar ranges from 2.5-5.5%. These indicators make this variety very beneficial for health-conscious people and diabetics.

Like many other varieties, it is a bushy plant. Each bush has a short main shoot and several branches. Due to the small size of the bush, you can grow a fairly large crop in a small area. It should be borne in mind that the minimum distance between plants is 40x50 cm.

Important! Planting plants closer together will reduce yields. Therefore, the recommended distance between plants should be observed.

Zucchini Aeronaut is also good because it can be grown both in a greenhouse and in the open field. Of all the diseases, the variety is resistant only to powdery mildew. If agrotechnical requirements are observed, a yield of up to 8 kg can be obtained from a square meter of planting. The resulting crop is stored for a long time, and is undemanding to transportation.

Growing recommendations

Zucchini variety Aeronaut can hardly be called picky about growing conditions. But to get a good harvest, several requirements can be distinguished:

  1. Sunny areas with neutral soil are suitable for him. If the soil at the proposed landing site is poor, then any organic fertilizer must be added to it in the fall.
  2. It is a very moisture-loving variety. Therefore, regular watering is needed in the morning and evening hours. If the plants are planted in a greenhouse, then it is worth maintaining a high level of humidity in the air.
  3. When planting both this variety and other varieties of zucchini, the proposed crop rotation must be taken into account. If you plant zucchini after pumpkin plants, as well as plant them annually in the same area, then the soil will be depleted.

The quality and quantity of the crop directly depends on the fulfillment of these requirements.

Aeronaut's seeds, as a rule, are sown directly into the ground in May or June. But to get an earlier harvest, they can be planted on seedlings towards the end of April. At the same time, the planted seeds or seedlings are covered with a film for the first time. This is done to protect immature plants from temperature fluctuations. This variety requires surface loosening throughout its growth. Depending on the timing of planting, the harvest takes place in July-September.

Reviews of gardeners

Olga, 50 years old, Yaroslavl

This variety is one of my favorites. I have been planting it on my site for a long time and I can note some pros and cons. Pros first. This, of course, is his taste, he is very delicate. I'm making a casserole with this zucchini, and you just can't drag home from it. Then these zucchini are perfectly stored, they do not rot like some varieties. Over time, they turn a little yellow, and their rind thickens. They grow very quickly, and it is better to collect them even young. Cons: they are tied in several pieces from a bush. Therefore, the yield will be slightly less than that of other varieties with more ovaries. Watering is also a little annoying. This variety is the most demanding of all that I grow. It is necessary to water either every day or every other day. If you always live in the country, then it is not difficult. For those who come on forays, this strain may not be suitable.

Zinaida, 35 years old, Rostov

Very easy to grow variety. I always plant with seeds immediately on the garden bed. They sprout beautifully, but grow even better. True, I have a very good place for them - the sun itself. I water them infrequently, much less fertilize them. But they grow like weeds. My friends, in general, have been planting this variety in the same place for 5 years. And everything is also growing remarkably. We eat them fresh, so I can't say about storage. But I definitely recommend the variety.

Anna, 28 years old, Lipetsk

A year ago I bought a bag of seeds for a sample. I planted them with seedlings, so that there were already 2 leaves. At first she covered, then when the weather settled down, she removed the covering material. Due to the fact that in that season I did not water them very much, they did not give very much. This time I took into account my mistake and watered them every other day. The harvest was great. I even had to hand it out. If you eat them right away, then it is better to collect young zucchini. If for spinning, then they can ripen longer. By the way, they are kept very well. Now I will plant this variety, I liked it.

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