Store cucumbers - this is how you ensure their shelf life

Whether cold cuts, meat or vegetables - the right storage protects your food. Read what you should know specifically about storing cucumbers here.

Better keep cucumbers in a plastic bag

Most go shopping once a week because there is simply no time to run to the supermarket every day. Once at home, the box is placed on the table and then everything gradually goes into the fridge.

Especially if the food should last for the week, you should of course not lose its freshness. For this, however, they must also be optimally stored. Not all groceries belong in the fridge.

For example cucumbers. Cucumbers, like peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplants, are among the vegetables that originally come from warmer regions. It is therefore not surprising that they do not tolerate cold when stored.

In the fridge only for a few days

Cucumbers should not be kept in the refrigerator for a long time. You can keep them there for a maximum of four days. The sensitive vegetables quickly become blotchy and yellow due to the cold. Cucumbers consist of about 95 percent water. If the temperature drops below four degrees, they freeze slightly and then become mushy when they thaw again.

If you are planning to consume the same or the next day, store your cucumbers in a perforated plastic bag in the kitchen. The cucumbers should only be kept in the fridge if they are still in use for a few days. But only if you keep them in cling film or in a plastic bag. You can also store the cucumbers in the vegetable compartment in the fridge, as it is not that cold there.

Tips for storing cucumbers

➤ Tip 1: If you store your cucumbers between 10 and 13 degrees, they will last for about three weeks. Room temperature is of course not ideal, because the cucumbers will quickly become withered and soft. So it is always advisable to consume cucumbers as soon as possible.

➤ Tip 2: Under no circumstances should you store fresh cucumbers together with melons, tomatoes, ripe apples and pears, as this leads to particularly rapid spoilage. This is because these fruits and vegetables produce ethylene gas during ripening. This leads to the cucumbers quickly becoming overripe and then inedible.

➤ Tip 3: Cucumbers are not suitable for freezing at all. If you want to store your cucumbers for a longer period of time, you should pick them up or jam them. Then they are stable for several months.

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