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Eggplant Drakosha

Eggplant is a favorite vegetable of many. It has many beneficial properties and is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. There are many options for preparing eggplant. Many people know how to cook them deliciously. But, few people know how to properly grow these vegetables. Consider one of the worthy representatives of eggplant - the Drakosha variety.

Using his example, we will see how to properly care for eggplants and what features this species has. And what the fruit itself looks like, you can see in the photo.


Eggplant "Drakosha" refers to early maturing varieties. From the moment of germination to full ripening of the fruit, it takes from 100 to 120 days. Can be grown outdoors or in greenhouses. The height of the plant can reach up to 1 m. The color of the fruit, like all eggplants, is dark purple, the skin is shiny and smooth. The weight of one fruit is about 300 g, and the length is up to 21 cm. The shape of the fruit is pear-shaped. The variety is disease-resistant, which guarantees a good harvest. Produces abundantly, especially if grown in a greenhouse. In such conditions, it is possible to collect up to 5 kg of fruits per m2.

The taste is pleasant, there is no bitterness. Suitable for conservation. The variety was bred specifically for growing in unfavorable conditions. It sprouts and develops even in infertile soil. Does not require complex care. This variety grows up and develops quickly. The high yield of "Drakosha" eggplants will allow you to collect a lot of fruits even in a small area.

The variety was bred very carefully, taking into account all possible problems, diseases and bad weather conditions. Therefore, it is ideal for any climate, easily tolerates both strong winds and drought. Eggplant is resistant to most possible diseases. Even with poor sunlight, this variety will grow and please the eye.


The last weeks of February and early March are a great time to sow seeds. When one or two leaves appear on the stems, you can start picking. Seedlings can be planted in the greenhouse already in mid-May, and in open soil - not earlier than early June. In June, it will be necessary to remove underdeveloped ovaries and flowers from the plants, and leave only 5-6 of the largest and strongest ones.

Important! Eggplants are difficult to transfer. You can immediately plant seeds in disposable cups or boxes with separate containers, so that later you can easily transplant the sprout along with a small amount of soil.

Growing tips:

  • you only need to choose high-quality seeds. You should not save on this, so that later you do not pay twice if your eggplants do not grow;
  • it is worth taking a responsible attitude to the choice of a site for growing eggplant. They do not tolerate the neighborhood with other representatives of the nightshade crops;
  • so that the seedlings are not sluggish, use containers of the correct shape and size. The plant may simply not survive in a cramped, or, conversely, too large container;
  • do not forget to treat the seeds before sowing. This will protect the plant itself and everything that will grow around from infections;
  • plant seedlings on time. Eggplants need time to settle down in new soil and begin to develop, so do not postpone the transplant. For accuracy, use the information on the packaging.


Ekaterina, 43 years old, Samara

This year I will try the Drakosha variety again. In the past, I heard a lot from neighbors about these eggplants. The reviews were very good. I decided to try it. But for some reason, only 2 fruits ripened. Although they climbed beautifully, then something went wrong. Possibly bad seeds or unsuitable soil. I will try to grow it in a greenhouse this year. Hope it works out this time.

Nadezhda, 38 years old, Krasnoyask

I will share my experience in growing "Drakosha" eggplants. In principle, I was satisfied. There were enough fruits, but for some reason, small in size. I hoped, of course, for the 300 grams promised by the seller, but the weight of the fruits turned out to be 2 times less. I bought seedlings, and did not grow them myself, since there was no longer time. Next time I will try to grow it personally.

Valentina, 50 years old, Orel

I have never planted eggplants before, so "Drakosha" is my first. It turned out that they are not as difficult to grow as I thought. A very good variety, tasty and meaty. It is also suitable for conservation, although it was possible to roll up little, almost everything was eaten in the summer. Next year I will plant more.

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