Video: make chili powder yourself - this is how easy it is to make the spicy spice

Chili peppers are similar to garlic. Either you like it or you don't like it. There is rarely anything in between. Anyone who grows chillies in the garden not only uses them for decorative purposes, but often also wants to use them in the kitchen. You can take the fresh chillies straight away or you can dry the chillies and conjure up a powder. This is particularly useful if you have a surplus of chillies. Depending on the amount, you have a little of the hot spice for a whole year.

But how do you make chili powder yourself? Thats is quite easy. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, be sure to watch Anna Teresa's video. Here she shows step by step how whole chillies are made into a new spice for the kitchen shelf.

In the video, the powder is relatively coarse, if you prefer something finer, you can then chase the chillies through an electric coffee grinder, then you get really fine powder.

Did you know?
The spiciness of the chili is not in the pod itself, but much more in the seeds and the white parts inside the pod. So you can have a say in how sharp the powder ultimately becomes.