Design your garden in autumn - 6 quickly implementable decoration ideas

Do you want to spice up your garden in autumn, but have no ideas? How about these 6 quickly implementable and really sophisticated decoration ideas?

In autumn, many natural materials can be used for decoration. The summer flowers wither, the days become shorter, the leaves fall from the trees and before you know it, autumn is just around the corner. Anyone who still believes that the cooler season is only dreary and gray in gray is wrong. Because autumn also has its own special charm. Autumn does not lose anything in terms of color.

The red and yellow leaves that fall from the trees, the colorful pumpkins that sparkle on the front door and also chrysanthemums and asters shine in the most beautiful colors - autumn is really colorful and colorful.

You cannot miss this spectacle. It is particularly nice, of course, if your own garden also looks autumnal, so that you can sit out on nice days and enjoy the view. Decorative ideas for the terrace or balcony can be found quickly, but what can you do in the garden? Are you lacking ideas or just a few suggestions where you can develop creatively? We have put together 6 clever decoration ideas for you here that can be copied with just a few simple steps and are still expandable. Have a look yourself.

6 easy to implement decoration ideas

Decoration tip 1: redesign the bench in the front yard

Many of the front gardens still have the summer bench. Here you could sit outside on warm summer evenings, enjoy the peace and quiet and end the day. Why ignore the bank now on cooler days? Simply decorate them a bit. In this way, you have created an eye-catcher in the blink of an eye without having to make a lot of effort.

Summer heather and chrysanthemums are among the most popular autumn plants. In this example, the pots were simply wrapped with a bit of jute and then draped on the bench. The lanterns provide an atmospheric glow in the evening. Here and there a pumpkin in between and you're done.

Decoration tip 2: Decorate the rustic wagon wheel with autumn natural materialsOld objects such as wooden wheels, jugs or forks are particularly suitable for autumn decorations because they radiate a rustic atmosphere. It is just perfect for autumn.You can place a small corner with various old objects in every garden. Of course, if you set up this place in front of an old barn or a barn door, it looks really original. But even under trees, bushes or in front of old windows or doors, this corner looks wonderfully autumnal. As decoration material you can use everything that autumn has to offer. Here some examples:pumpkinssunflowersBerrycorncobWild WineTree branches and horse mackerelColorful foliage Decoration tip 3: Wind chimes - not just a play for children

If you have small children in the household, there is often one thing you cannot avoid about the garden decoration - a classic wind chime. The wind turbines, which glow in the most colorful colors, are very popular. Whether the kids are blowing themselves or holding the stick in the wind - it is simply fascinating how the colors blend into one another. Especially in autumn, when it is often windy outside, you can watch the spectacle often enough. Did you know that you can easily build these wind turbines yourself? Have a look at kikisweb.de, there are not only instructions for the classic models, but also for flowers, windshields and jet wind turbines.

But wind turbines don't just enchant children. Even adults sometimes cannot avoid it. No wonder, because somehow such a wind turbine also has a calming effect. But while it can be colorful and gaudy for children, adults are rather fascinated by simple models. Wind turbines made of wood are very popular, because of their look they fit perfectly in autumn. I discovered very nice models on lignoma.com. Although they are a little more expensive, they are hand-carved and with small, special motifs. So no 08/15 wind chime that every third person has to stand in the garden.

Decoration tip 4: Carve animals out of wood and set them up

The special thing about autumn is that nature has all sorts of handicraft material ready. So not only chestnuts, acorns, berries and corn can be used for handicrafts, but also wood.

You can often find the wood while walking through nature. Just take it with you and be a bit creative. If you prefer to work according to instructions, you will find two books on Amazon.de with a whole series of illustrated instructions. All you have to do is collect the materials quickly.

Decoration tip 5: Load old cases with plants

This old suitcase is also an example of the fact that rustic objects exude a very special charm and somehow belong to them in autumn. A few succulents were simply put in this old case. The advantage of these plants is that they do not need a lot of soil and do not require a lot of care.

Add a few stones, maybe one or two branches with red berries, and a new decorative element is ready, which is guaranteed to draw a look or two.

Decoration tip 6: Large variety of plants

Most potted plants are no longer beautiful to look at at the beginning of autumn. Time to plant new flowers. Autumn offers a wide range, such as:

  • heather
  • cyclamen
  • chrysanthemums
  • silver wire
  • and much more.

All plants are a great eye-catcher individually, but together they form a magical picture. In the example above, the plants were planted individually in pots and placed on a pebble bed. All around a little colorful autumn leaves and you're done. Looks great doesn't it?