Garden Tips

Video: conjure up a cozy bench from a beer tent set - it's that easy

Beer tent sets are ideal for garden parties and celebrations where several people have to be provided with a seat. In the evening, when the round at the table slowly dissolves and everyone walks around the cozy campfire, it can be quite uncomfortable on the appropriate bench. A backrest is simply missing, on which you can simply relieve your back.

Have you ever thought about turning a beer tent set into a very comfortable bench? Until I saw the video from Bayerischer Rundfunk, I couldn't imagine it. Honestly, I didn't even think with a syllable that it might be possible. Now I'm all the more excited. In no time at all, a cozy bench can be conjured up from a beer tent set, which doesn't even require screws or tools.

This little and above all simple trick is now used regularly by us.