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Planting gold strawberries: this is how the forest shrub grows in your garden

Bald and dreary spots in the garden can be spiced up with gold strawberries. However, the plant also has some requirements that should definitely be observed when growing.

Gold strawberries prefer a nutrient-rich and moist soil

The golden strawberry, also known under the name Waldsteinia fragarioides, is an evergreen perennial, which with its golden yellow flowers ensures a real eye-catcher in the garden. Planted in groups, it is considered a ground cover and a decorative plant in borders and rock gardens.

So that the gold strawberry can develop splendidly, you have to consider a few things when planting. Because not every soil and every location is suitable for the evergreen perennial.

Planting gold strawberry - 5 important facts

Soil and pH

Plant your gold strawberries in moist, fresh, nutritious soil. Ordinary garden soil, improved with compost, is also suitable. You can improve the water permeability of loamy soils by adding a little sand or small pebbles. Gold strawberries like it moist, but waterlogging should not form in the root area.

A neutral soil pH between 6.5 and 7.5 is ideal for gold strawberries. Slight deviations in the acidic or alkaline range are not a problem. If you are unsure about the pH of your soil: Easy-to-use tests are available for little money in gardening stores.

Possible uses and location

The uses of gold strawberries are diverse. You can use the perennials for example:

  • create as limited discounts
  • use for greening large areas
  • use as companion plants under trees
  • plant on graves
  • place individually in the rock garden

Gold strawberries grow in their natural North American home in open forests. Therefore, they feel most comfortable in partially shaded, but quite bright locations. Continuous shade does not harm the plants, but you have to expect a somewhat weaker flowering.

" Basically: The older the long-lived gold strawberries are, the better they can adapt to the given lighting conditions.

Optimal planting time

Gold strawberries should have a few months until the first frost to form roots. The months of August and September are ideal for planting.

Right planting technique

Treat the perennials to a one-day bath in lime-free rainwater before planting. Dig eight planting holes per square meter, which are slightly larger in volume than the root balls of the plants. After inserting the gold strawberries, fill up the free space with fresh compost. Finally, press the compost lightly with your fingers.

Water and fertilize

Water the gold strawberries extensively during the first few days and then regularly so that there is always residual moisture in the soil. Fertilization is only necessary on very nutrient-poor soils. Do not be bothered by the fact that the planted area initially appears insufficiently green. The ground cover plants reach a maximum height of 15 centimeters, but reach a growth width of up to 60 centimeters and grow together into a dense carpet in one or two years.