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Pulling cucumbers on the balcony - Instructions & tips for growing

Whether in flower boxes or pots - cucumbers can generally also be grown on the balcony. Our instructions show you how to do this.

It is best to sow cucumbers yourself

If you want to grow cucumbers, you don't necessarily need a garden, because they also thrive on the balcony. Flower boxes are not really suitable for growing, however, because the cucumbers also need enough space downwards. Large tubs are the best choice, because you can grow several plants in them.

If you want to try growing on the balcony, choosing the right variety is important. Many small varieties (such as mini cucumbers) are now even commercially available, which are wonderful for growing on the balcony. The cucumbers are only around 10 centimeters in size, but have an excellent aroma. You can also count on a very rich harvest for most snack cucumbers.

So that it really works with the cucumber growing on the balcony, here is a very detailed description of how you have to proceed.

What is needed for growing on the balcony?

First of all we come to what you need for growing cucumbers on the balcony:

➤ Young plants or cucumber seeds:

You can either buy young plants or plant seeds yourself. The second variant is always recommended because you have a larger selection of varieties when buying seeds.

➤ Earth:

The best thing to do is get special soil for cultivation. Since this should be rich in nutrients, it is advisable to enrich it with some mature compost or liquid fertilizer.

➤ Planters:

Then you need buckets that are big enough. An attachment is also possible in larger traffic lights.

Sowing cucumbers on the balcony

❃ Step 1:

If you want to pick the cucumbers indoors, you can start sowing from the beginning / middle of April. After the ice saints, the plants can then move to the balcony. You can also plant cucumbers on the balcony from mid-May. Simply place the seeds directly in the planters after the ice saints.


If the bucket is very large, you can plant two to three seeds. In smaller vessels, however, you should only grow a single plant. The distance between the individual plants should also be at least 20 centimeters.

It is important that you cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil after sowing and note that temperatures of at least 20 degrees are required for germination. In addition, you should now place the tubs on the balcony so that they are not exposed to the blazing sun all day and not too exposed to the wind.


You can also grow dill together with the cucumbers in the bucket. On the one hand this can increase the yield and on the other hand you have the right spice for the vegetables ready.

2 Step 2:

You should now fertilize the cucumbers regularly as they grow. About every two weeks is recommended, but then only in low doses. (Reading tip: fertilize cucumbers - How to increase your yield) In addition, you must now always water the cucumbers well.

There should never be waterlogging when watering, otherwise there is a risk of decay!

3 Step 3:

If the plants are already a bit larger, you should provide them with climbing aids on which they can grow. Plant spirals, trellis or ropes are suitable as a climbing aid.


Alternatively, you can position the buckets in front of the balcony railing and then let the tendrils grow there. This is an absolute eye-catcher!