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Video: pulling seeds out of tomatoes - How to get your own seeds

If you have found this a delicious tomato variety, then you would not like to try other varieties. You don't have to, because seeds can easily be obtained from existing tomatoes. So you can plant and enjoy your favorite variety year after year.

But how exactly can the seed be obtained? It's not that difficult. The kleigafo explained in great detail in his video above. He not only shows how to do it step by step, but also gives lots of tips about tomatoes. Then nothing can go wrong, can it?

»By the way: It is not advisable to harvest the seeds from F1 hybrids, as it can happen that the new plant largely loses its good properties and even forms toxic or other undesired properties.

Incidentally, F1 hybrids are the cross between two homegrown plant parents.

»Small example: They have a large tomato that is less aromatic and a smaller tomato with a fruity and sweet core. If the two varieties are crossed with each other, a large, juicy and fruity tomato could form - the so-called F1 Hybrid.