Grave design in autumn: This way, the grave remains attractive until the next spring

Just because autumn is gray, it doesn't have to look dreary on the grave. With the right plants, it will remain attractive until next spring.

Middle: heather, to the left: barbed wire plant, in front: sparkle berry In autumn, the grave is freed from summer plants and prepared for the cold season. Adorned with hardy perennials, for example with different heather plants, the grave will remain handsome until the next spring. The maintenance effort is low. On All Saints' Day, you can also expand the planting with a flower arrangement. This gives the grave a beautiful look on this special day of remembrance.

Choose hardy plants for grave planting

When choosing plants for grave design in autumn, you should make sure that you choose plants that are hardy and frost-resistant. For example:

All types of heather and heather:

The heather is also known under the name Erika. It is evergreen and differs according to the color of the flowers. The plants offer a wide selection, from white to yellow and pink to strong magenta and purple. Depending on the variety, the appearance of the inflorescences also differs: either very delicate flowers or larger, spherical flowers line up on the stems.

Barbed Plant:

The barbed wire plant needs little water and maintenance and is pretty to look at all autumn. The dwarf shrub with the finely branched, silver-gray leaf branches is also known as a silver basket or lattice plant. The barbed wire plant is actually not frost-proof. However, if you change the grave planting again in spring, you can still use the handsome perennial. Even in the “dry” state, the silver basket is still a nice eye-catcher.


Another evergreen eye-catcher, with red berries in addition, is the false berry. It is also known under the names partridge and American wintergreen. It belongs to the heather family, although it differs optically from the Erika variants. The red fruit capsules and the dark green, glossy leaves add color to the grave plants.

By the way, heather plants and false berries bloom well into the winter. Even after flowering, they are still decorative.

The plants thrive splendidly during the cold season

Different plants have different requirements. In the relatively small area, however, it is not possible to find the perfect soil mix for every type of plant. Basically, a loose, humus-rich soil is well suited for mixed planting. Prepare the soil with digging and bring in compost, then all plants grow well.

After planting, water the new plants vigorously. Pour in from time to time in dry weather, later the damp autumn air is usually sufficient. You only have to reach for the watering can again if it is not raining for a long time. At temperatures below freezing, water is no longer necessary.