Video: Make the hanging herb garden yourself - tips for setting up & designing

There are various ways to house your herbs in a decorative and practical way. Be it a herb spiral, a cake stand, a plant ladder or just the normal planters - anything is allowed. Rather rarely do you hear a hanging herb garden. This variant is not only an eye-catcher, but also practical.

In the hanging version, which Martina Lammel from diy simply presents to us creatively in her video, the “containers” have no bottom. This means that the water, which is too much for the top plant when watering, simply flows into the next one underneath. So there is no waterlogging and you do not have to water each plant individually. The video not only shows the structure of this hanging herb garden, but also how it can be designed very easily. If you don't like this variant, you can also use the trick with the coffee and vinegar from the last video, for example.

The variant is implemented quickly, requires little material and is an absolute eye-catcher! Have fun doing it yourself! 😉