Paint wooden decking boards in different colors - bring boards with varnish or glaze to new life

Wooden decking boards lose their charm over the years. A new coat of paint not only provides more color intensity, but also offers optimal wood protection.

The terrace is probably one of the most popular places to relax after a stressful day at work. A beer after work, a glass of wine, a good book and a cozy blanket and the evening is perfect. If only it weren't for the aging decking. Somehow they destroy the whole look and feel-good character.

Anyone who chooses wooden decking simply has to live with the fact that they need a new coat of paint every now and then. With a color refreshment, you not only bring the wooden planks back into shape, but also ensure perfect wood protection.

»By the way: Colored planks enhance the terrace and, together with patio furniture and plants, provide a great eye-catcher.

Step by step to the new coat of paint

Preparation of the nuts and bolts

Before you get started, check the condition of your decking. The wood should still be in good condition, otherwise the whole work would ultimately be in vain. It is best to replace rotten, brittle and damaged planks with new ones. Minor damage and scratches are harmless.

On the occasion also check the fastening: Are all screws tight? Is the construction shaking, are some boards warped? Take the time to mend things like that.

The old planks should then be cleaned thoroughly. Use a hard brush and a special patio cleaner for this. I achieved very good results with the norax cleaner. The product is available for less than 10 euros and even tackles moss, bird droppings and other contaminants.

" Watch out: You should definitely avoid the high-pressure cleaner with wooden planks. Otherwise, the strong jet can attack the wood surface and cause the wood to splinter.

If the floor has already been painted, sanding makes sense. But be careful: Most decking boards have grooves. If these are to be retained, you should definitely do without the normal grinding devices, because then it was the one with the grooves. Many hardware stores lend special sanding machines for parquet floors to which different attachments can be attached. A Dremel can also be extremely useful for the grooves. Then be sure to remove the sanding dust and let the wood dry if necessary.

If there are deeper holes or chips in the planks, you can repair the damage with a special wooden filler (such as this one).

Different options for the colored design

Before you start painting, it is important that the boards are completely dry. Also keep an eye on the weather forecast. The process itself should also be dry and stable outside. If the terrace is not covered, rain protection is advisable until the paint has dried completely.

You have a free hand in the choice of colors: you can work with different wood tones, choose a subtle shade of gray or let the terrace shine in a bright color.

Painting with wood glaze

The wood glaze is suitable for refreshing the color, you can also achieve a darker wood tone. The structure of the wood and the grain remain visible with the glaze, which makes the new look natural. Make sure that the glaze used is suitable for the outdoor area.

Brush with boat varnish

A covering coat works best with acrylic boat varnish. After drying, this varnish is easy to walk on and very resistant. A primer is recommended so that the colors come into their own. It is only after these have dried that two coats of the actual color appear. Always allow to dry well in between. For permanent durability, use a clear protective varnish as the top layer.

" Tip: It is recommended that you choose color and primer from a range of products from one manufacturer. This is the best way to get the result.