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Video: Build a bat box - This is how you create a bunker that is essential for survival

Bats are nocturnal animals and rest during the day in old tree hollows, rotten knotholes and other secret hiding places on and in trees. However, since old ailing trees are being cut down fairly quickly these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult for bats to find a suitable place. Deep sleep is absolutely essential for their survival.

What many do not know ... A small shelter can also be built for bats, similar to a bird feeder. So you can give the bats back their important habitat. As you can easily see creatively in the video from DIY, such a bat box is quickly built. You only need a bit of wood, a few screws and you're good to go.

Important hanging tips

As mentioned above, it is extremely important that the bats have their rest during the day. Be sure to hang the bat box in a place that is protected from noise. The optimal height is around three to five meters and should be accessible for bats without obstacles such as branches and leaves. Also make sure that the box is not exposed to direct sunlight. A cool and windy place is also not advisable.