Video: Make green roof yourself - basics and tips for DIY & maintenance

Garden houses and garages mostly look the same from above. Either the roof is adorned with aluminum sheet or roofing felt. Simple, but not necessarily beautiful, you will certainly agree with me. A green roof is more attractive and even more environmentally friendly. This can be easily done by yourself and even protects the actual roof.

Plants in the bed - well and good. Every somewhat experienced hobby gardener knows how to care for his flowers, vegetables or fruit trees all year round. But what about a green roof? How do the plants stay on the roof and what are the options? SR Grünhaus has published a very interesting contribution to the mdr. Here you will not only find tips for DIY and maintenance, you will also learn what advantages such a green roof has and which plants are best suited.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to know more about the basics of green roofs!