Video: harvesting sea buckthorn - a simple trick and tips for further processing

Sea buckthorn is one of the fruits richest in vitamin C. It is not for nothing that many consider it the “lemon of the north”. On the North and Baltic Seas you can often see wild fruit growing meter high in the middle of nature. With a size of up to 5 meters, a gigantic sight, especially when the sea buckthorn is already bearing fruit. But sea buckthorn has not only grown in coastal regions for a long time, it is also often seen in many gardens. And if you are lucky enough to have a fruit-bearing female plant, then of course you want to harvest the small berries.

Due to the large thorns on the sea buckthorn, the harvest is not that easy. You have to be careful not to hurt yourself. In addition, the berries are quite soft. In order not to crush the fruits when harvesting, there is a simple trick and hamiri shows us this in the above you-tube video. It also gives us tips for further processing. So the sea buckthorn harvest is guaranteed not to be a muddy affair.

»By the way: The best time to harvest depends a little on the variety. In principle, sea buckthorn berries ripen between September and October. Some varieties such as Sirola and Hergo even from the end of August. Don't wait too long to harvest - the berries are also popular with local birds in the cold season.