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Video: Stacking a round wooden pile - tips for a safer and more stable set-up

If you heat a lot with wood, you have to make sure that new wood comes along regularly. The best thing is to take care of old age. After all, at 70 you hardly feel like driving into the forest with a chainsaw and hatchet and closing wood. At some point, it could be problematic with the accommodation. Every wooden shelter, no matter how big, is full at some point. So what? Just build a wood rental. These cylindrical wooden stacks have been built for many generations. They are implemented relatively quickly and are really practical.

If you look at such a wood rental, you sometimes wonder how it all keeps it so stable. Is there a certain technique or is everything just stacked on top of each other? Questions after questions. How does that work properly? If you are thinking about building a wood rental and are not sure about the construction, you should definitely watch the video of Hardline Zocker above. In his 10-minute video, he shows step by step how a wood rent is created and explains why special steps are absolutely necessary. The wood rent should ultimately be stable and still look chic.