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Video: Make fruit leather from strawberries and banana yourself - healthy snack in between

Sometimes it just has to be something sweet. Gummy bears and chocolate are tasty, but not really healthy. Do you have to do without it now? Of course not! But at least it is healthier - with fruit leather.

Very few people know fruit leather, but the snack is super tasty and also healthy. And the best? It's easy to do yourself. Fruit leather consists of fruit puree that is dried in the automatic dehydrator or alternatively in the oven. It doesn't get its name because of the consistency in the mouth, but rather because of its appearance. So don't worry - fruit leather is much more reminiscent of soft fruit gums.

If you have got an appetite and want to try the snack, you can find easy-to-understand instructions for a delicious fruit leather made from strawberries and bananas in the GRÜNELIEBE video set above. If you do not have a dehydrator, you can easily use the oven. However, make sure that you put a wooden spoon or something similar between the oven door. This is the only way the moisture can escape and the fruit leather is created.

Have fun trying and snacking !!!