Video: Make plant signs from beverage cans / aluminum sheet yourself - creative garden decor in industrial style

Last summer I showed you a video in which plant signs were made from stones. I thought she was very cute, especially because children were also able to help diligently at work. Maybe she imitated one or the other?

If not, you can find a slightly different idea here today. Susanne von DekoideenReich was once again particularly creative and conjured up plant signs from old beverage cans. If you don't feel like cutting beverage cans, you can also use finished aluminum sheets from the hardware store or here from Amazon. The special thing about these signs is not only the upcycling option, but rather the type of lettering. Because the letters were punched into the thin sheet with stamps. I really like this industrial style. Above all because it is also absolutely weatherproof.

" Tip: The engraving letters from Gravurem are used in the video, as they taper to the front and can therefore be placed better. According to the article description, you only have a character height of 3 mm. If you'd rather have it a little bigger, you can also use Mannesmann's capital letters. These have a height of 8 mm and are also tapered at the front.

Incidentally, these letters are not only used in the creative world, but also in workshops & Co.