Video: processing leftover wood - stylish decoration for home & garden

In a garden where a lot of wood is used, various residues are inevitable. Some pieces are slightly larger, others smaller, some round, others angular. No matter what size the leftovers ultimately, the same thing always happens with it: the throw into the fire bowl. These leftover things are much too good to provide a cozy warmth.

If you are planning something new out of wood, you often buy new. An upcycling project shows that it doesn't have to be that I discovered on ZDF on the Volle Kanne program. Admittedly, when I saw this huge pile of leftover wood lying there, I wasn't aware of the really useful things that can still be conjured up from it. In addition to the wood, the right tool is of course also necessary. But every well-equipped gardener and lover of wood has most of everything at home.

In the show, some projects were conjured up for the four walls, but these can also be wonderfully used for the garden. You just have to remember to process the wood accordingly, i.e. to paint it. Instructions can be found here.

Have fun upcycling !!!