Video: nettle smoothie with strawberries - recipe for a delicious wild herb power drink

When you hear the word "stinging nettle", most of all think of "rampant weeds". Most of our loyal readers now know that nettles are much more than that. So you can not only make a fertilizer from nettles, but the wild herbs can also be wonderfully processed in the kitchen. In addition to soup, salad and pesto, you can also conjure up a delicious smoothie.

Anything that tastes and likes can actually go into a smoothie. But it is often easier, especially for beginners, if they get a little impetus with recipes. Since nettles are not necessarily part of the everyday ingredients of a smoothie, I would like to give you a little incentive here. The recipe from the video from set above is highly recommended. It is really super tasty and harmonizes perfectly with each other. And since it's strawberry time anyway and nettles are growing wild anyway, this recipe is literally appropriate, isn't it?