Video: cutting dahlias correctly - How to extend the flowering time of the plant

In summer they spark a sea of ​​blossoms that you can't see enough of. That's what happens to me anew at least every year. We are talking about dahlias. Although they are somewhat more demanding plants, they reward the gardener with lush and colorful flowers well into autumn. But only if you take care of something during the summer.

Pruning is especially important for the formation of new flowers. Only those who do this at the right time and pay attention to a lot when cutting can look forward to many more flowers in summer.

If you are not sure how and when to cut dahlias best, I recommend the video from Gärtnerei Pöschke set above. In their “Green Tip” you will find important tips and hints on what to consider when cutting dahlias and how you can enjoy the flowers for a long time if you put them in the vase as cut flowers.