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Pickling out cucumbers - this is how it's done correctly

Cucumbers are delicious and you can rarely get enough of them, especially in summer. In order to increase the yield, it is possible to pickle out his cucumbers. You can find out how this works correctly here.

Gorgeous cucumbers by pickling

Opinions on whether to pickle cucumbers or not are very different in the gardening world. Many hobby gardeners simply let their cucumbers grow, while others regularly slacken their cucumbers to increase their yield. However, the whole thing has not been proven. The tomatoes are completely different. Here it is extremely important that you pick them out regularly so that the plant bears many delicious fruits.

You decide for yourself whether you want to pickle your cucumbers. In any case, it cannot harm your plant. You can now find out how to go about getting out.

What is maximizing?

Tomatoes and cucumbers form many small shoots and the main shoots can grow high.

So that the plant does not put all its strength into the shoots and leaves, but instead forms tasty fruits, you should selectively cut off excess shoots. It can even happen that buds and flowers have to be cut off.

Pickle cucumbers in a targeted manner

Tomatoes form new side shoots over and over again. You always have to be behind here. It is different with the cucumbers. What you take away here is and remains away.

If you let your cucumbers climb up on a trellis or a climbing aid, you can use the following method:

❁ Step 1: Remove the lower part

Remove all buds, flowers, and shoots that grow below 50 to 60 centimeters. Thus, you stimulate the bud formation above. It also prevents the cucumbers from lying on the ground at the bottom and possibly spreading pathogens and bacteria.

❁ Step 2: Snap off the tip

If the plant grows high above the trellis, you can also remove the top of the cucumber plant. This will boost the formation of side shoots. Accordingly, you can harvest more cucumbers. But beware! If too many side shoots form, you should remove some of them again so that the power remains in the main shoots.

If you let your cucumbers grow along the ground, you don't have to be so rigorous. When the cucumber meanders over the ground, it becomes confusing at some point and you don't really see where new side shoots have developed. Here are a few tips that you should still consider:

➤ Tip 1: Remove any dried-up and rotten leaves, flowers and buds while harvesting. This procedure cannot be wrong in between. So mushrooms and pathogens have no chance and you can enjoy delicious cucumbers.

➤ Tip 2: Do not let your cucumbers grow too large, otherwise the cucumber will become watered down and bitter inside. The earlier you pick the fruit, the more you can harvest overall. Cucumbers are ripe when the tips round off at the bottom.

➤ Tip 3: If you want to increase your yield, you should fertilize your cucumbers from time to time. How to do it best, read the article Fertilizing cucumbers - How to increase your yield.