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Holding hollyhocks in a bucket - flowers for garden and terrace

For reasons of space, many do not use profuse flowering hollyhocks. You can also easily keep the plant in tubs. Only the size of the pot is decisive for success.

Hollyhocks also thrive in a bucket The Hollyhock is a mallow family. The biennial plant is a colorful, abundantly blooming eye-catcher in the garden. With good care, it can grow up to two meters tall. For many, the knockout criterion. Nevertheless, nobody has to do without the beautiful flowers. If you have less space available, you can keep the plant well in the bucket.

Most important requirements: The pot must be large enough and you should choose a sunny place.

Prefer hollyhocks yourself and put them in the bucket

Hollyhocks can of course be bought in the garden market or in a garden center, but it is much nicer if you become active yourself and raise the plant from an early age.

Growing hollyhocks from seeds is really not difficult. For this you need collected, dry seeds - either from your own plants, from the neighboring garden or in a seed bag.

1 Sprinkle the seeds in a container with loose soil. The right time for this is in autumn. However, the mallow plants will only flower next year.

2 Cover the seeds thinly with soil and keep everything slightly moist. The germination time is about two to three weeks. Ideal: a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and a bright room.

3 The plants develop in the following weeks and months. If the growing container becomes too narrow, separate the plants.

4 In spring, put the young hollyhocks in large buckets, then the mallow plants can move outdoors.

" My advice: With a considerable size of two meters, the bucket must of course have a corresponding size so that the plant does not tip over later. Support for the trunk is also useful. Choose a pot with a diameter of at least 40 centimeters. You can put several plants in large tubs, the most beautiful is a combination of varieties with different sized flowers and different colors.

Care tips: This is how hollyhocks thrive best

➜ earth

The optimal soil in the bucket is loose and humorous. The addition of mulch ensures that the earth remains loose.

➜ water

Hollyhocks need water regularly. You should always keep the substrate moist. However, waterlogging must not form. So choose a bucket with a drain hole.

➜ fertilizer

During the flowering phase, fertilize every two weeks with liquid fertilizer for flowering plants (e.g. available here).

➜ location

Hollyhocks love sunny locations! The perfect stand is on a south-facing terrace or in front of the south wall of the house. If you place buckets of hollyhocks in the garden, make sure they are protected from the wind.

"By the way: Most hollyhocks are biennial. You can also overwinter the plants. To do this, cut back your hollyhocks before seed formation and put the pots in a bright, cool room during the winter. The plants sprout again in spring.