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Field roses: Our 7 favorites briefly introduced

Garden roses that are suitable as a cut rose are very popular among flower friends. We present seven of these noble roses to you here.

The nostalgic hybrid “Watercolor®” is well suited for cutting vases. It is also very fragrant. Among the diverse selection of roses for the garden, there are several varieties that are also well suited for vase cutting. The rose friend speaks of open cut roses.

They have magical, mostly large flowers all summer long. Many varieties also smell very nice and keep very well in the vase.

On the one hand, the roses, stylishly arranged in the vase, are an eye-catcher. On the other hand, always welcome as a guest gift. Here we present seven favorites from the field cut roses, which are ideal for vase cutting.

1. Hybrid Tea “Watercolor®”

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“Watercolor®” is a large-flowered, nostalgic hybrid rose. Its flowers open in a lively play of colors between red and peach yellow. In medium-sized umbels but also individually, they appear on long stems. This rose is considered particularly vigorous and blooming. The strong, fruity-sweet scent of precious roses is also exceptional.

In the garden, this nostalgic hybrid rose reaches a height of 70 to 100 centimeters. The flowers reach a diameter of 10 to 12 centimeters.

It responds little to rose diseases. However, she wants a location without heat build-up. The rose is also frost hardy. Winter protection is still recommended.

2. Hybrid tea “Nostalgie®”

The Edelrose “Nostalie®” delights with the color combination cream-white-cherry and the ball-shaped flower.

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Every rose lover will be thrilled by the ball-shaped flower shape, the color combination of creamy white cherry and the scent of the nostalgic rose “Nostalgie®”. This classic has leather-like, very shiny leaves. In addition, the reddish buds intensify the wonderful overall impression.

This multi-award-winning rose reaches a height of 80 to 120 centimeters. The open flower measures 8 to 10 centimeters in diameter.

Star soot or mildew can do little to this rose, provided the location of the rose is well chosen. There is also little danger in winter. The “Nostalgie®” is frost hardy. However, it is advisable to put on winter protection.

3. Hybrid Tea “Red Star”

The Edelrose "Red Star" bears bright blood-red and noble shaped flowers. This rose is ideal for vase cutting.

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This red and robust hybrid rose, launched in 1958 by the French rose grower Mailland, impresses with its bright blood-red flowers. The flower has an orange-red undertone and is elegantly shaped.

Unfortunately, this rose does not smell, but it stays in the vase for a long time.

The growth is strong and upright overall. It can grow up to 1 meter high.

Preventive plant protection is recommended to protect against pests. The rose generally tolerates winter well. Nevertheless, winter protection such as fleece should not be avoided.

4. Floribunda rose “Diadem®”

The Floribunda / spray rose "Diadem®" is a charming rose for the garden and the vase.

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The strong stems of the world-famous Floribunda / Sprayrose are evenly lush with umbels of pure pink flowers. This rose is ideal for vase cutting.

It is considered extremely hardy, very growth-friendly and grows particularly broad-bushed and romantically overhanging. Their height is between 80 and 100 centimeters.

Regular plant protection against star soot is recommended, especially after rainy periods.

5. “Gloria Dei” rose

The Edelrose “Gloria Dei” is the best-selling rose in the world and also very popular as a vase cut.

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It is the most popular and best-selling rose in the world: the “Gloria Dei”. Their very large, golden yellow flowers have a pink border. The flowers of the rose resemble a peony (peony). In addition, the rose smells pleasant and is very popular as a vase cut.

The leaves of the rose are shiny dark green and very hardy.

The cut rose Gloria Dei is upright and about 1 meter high. This robust and blooming rose is very frost hardy and otherwise undemanding.

6. Edelrose “Ingrid Bergmann”

This large-flowered red rose was named after the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982).

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The richly blooming hybrid rose "Ingrid Bergman" has intense red flowers with velvety petals. The flowers are around 10 centimeters tall and well filled, as well as of a noble, durable shape and wonderfully fragrant.

The dark green foliage shines like a leather and is very resistant.

This plant is strong, bushy and compact and grows about 1 meter high. The dark red velvety rose is ideal as a cut rose. “Ingrid Bergman” is unusually hardy (down to −25 ° C) and rainproof for a tea hybrid.

7. Hybrid Tea Time®

Copper-gold oranges bloom the “Tea Time®” rose. It is not only an ornament for the garden but also for the table as jewelry at tea time.

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The medium-sized, well-filled buds of “Tea Time®” slowly open to large, full, copper-gold-orange flowers. They sit individually or in groups on upright stems. In addition, the flowers are very durable. Therefore, it is ideally suited as a cut rose.

The color of the flowers can change from deep dark copper to light orange-rose, depending on the season and temperature.

This robust hybrid rose is hardy. Plant protection against rose diseases should be used regularly, especially after a long period of precipitation.