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Bubble-leaf Vine-leaved Little Joker

The Little Joker bubble plant is a plant that has gained popularity among gardeners due to the fact that its bushes retain their decorative effect throughout the season. Translated from English, the name of the variety means "little joker", in 2016 he earned a silver medal at the Planetarium exhibition held in Holland.

Description of the Little Joker vesicle

Bubble-leaf Little Joker (physocarpus opulifolius little joker) is an ornamental dwarf shrub about 50 cm high and about 30 cm wide.It is considered more compact, but despite this, a more bushy variety than other bladders. In rare cases, the height of the bush can reach 1 m.

The reddish-brown shoots of the Little Joker bladder are densely covered with small burgundy-green three-lobed, deeply cut leaves that have jagged edges. Closer to autumn, the color of the leaves acquires a darker and more saturated burgundy-purple hue. The foliage on the shoots is evenly distributed, this gives the bush a special splendor.

With the onset of June, flowering begins, and small white buds with a slight pinkish tinge are formed on the shoots, collected in corymbose inflorescences.

Bubble tree Little Joker in landscape design

The Little Joker bubblegum variety is ideal for container gardening. It can be grown in a pot and placed on a terrace or balcony.

In landscape design, the plant is often used to create contrast in compositions with tree-shrub groups, mixed with perennial groups and shrub mixborders.

Important! When growing the Little Joker bubble in a container or pot, it must be borne in mind that the volume of the container must be at least 0.75 liters.

Planting and caring for the Little Joker bubble

The Little Joker bubble plant is very undemanding to care for, planting a plant should also not cause difficulties. However, in order to grow a healthier and more lush bush, a number of rules must be followed.

Landing site preparation

For planting the Little Joker Bubble, a place located in the sun or in partial shade is recommended. The variety is considered to be quite shade-tolerant and drought-resistant, but the plant thrives best in moist, well-drained soil.

The soil should not contain too much lime in its composition, otherwise the growth of the shrub will be slow. It is desirable that the soil be loose, fertile and fertilized, this will have a positive effect on the appearance of the Little Joker vesicle.

An important feature of the plant is its resistance to polluted air, which is why it can be grown even near roads and within the city.

Landing rules

Planting operations, as a rule, begin in the spring, when the air temperature is consistently warm.

Advice! It is best to purchase Little Joker bladder seedlings from specialized nurseries, where they are sold in containers ready for planting.

Algorithm for planting seedlings of the Little Joker bubble plant with a closed root system:

  • prepare a pit, the depth and diameter of which is 50 cm;
  • lay a mixture of garden soil with peat substrate or humus on the bottom;
  • trying not to damage the root system, carefully transfer the seedling together with the earthen clod from the container into the hole, deepening it by about 5 cm.
  • fill the hole with soil mixture;
  • pour water mixed with Kornevin;
  • mulch the surface around the trunk to avoid the formation of a superficial crust and to facilitate the access of oxygen to the roots.

Watering and feeding

There are several factors that affect the abundance and frequency of watering:

  • climatic zone of growth;
  • type of soil;
  • shrub age.

The Little Joker bubble plant, growing on loamy soil in a climatic zone with high summer temperatures, needs regular watering twice a week. But the plant should not be waterlogged, since stagnant water can provoke root decay and the development of fungal diseases.

The bush is fed twice a year. With the onset of spring, during the blooming of the first buds, nitrogen-containing fertilizers are applied to the soil. In the fall, the plant needs mineral feeding.


With the arrival of spring, diseased, damaged and weak shoots are removed, but strong pruning is not recommended. Some gardeners also advise periodically pruning the Little Joker bladder in order to stimulate vigorous shoot growth or to give the crown the desired shape.

Preparing for winter

The Little Joker bladder variety belongs to the fourth winter hardiness zone. The plant can withstand temperatures down to -29 degrees. In this regard, it can easily overwinter in the regions of the middle lane, however, due to too severe frosts, the tips of the shoots may be damaged.

Usually, only young bushes are sheltered for the winter. To do this, in the fall, the trunk circle is mulched with peat. The thickness of the mulch layer should be at least 8 cm. At the end, the plants are covered with spruce branches.

Reproduction of the Little Joker bladder

There are several ways to propagate this shrub. Quite often, it is propagated by means of seeds. This ensures good germination, but there is one significant drawback: when using this method, it is highly likely that the varietal characteristics of the plant will not be preserved. In this case, the leaves may not have a red, but a standard green tint. That is why gardeners rarely propagate the Little Joker vesicle by seeds.

A fairly popular method that gives a good and quick result is cuttings. Only young shoots are used as cuttings, which must be cut in such a way that their length is 10 - 20 cm, and 2 - 4 points of growth remain on the surface. The procedure should be carried out before flowering: in late spring or early summer.

Important! In the first year after planting, the cuttings are necessarily covered and thoroughly mulched for the winter. Young plants are planted in a permanent place in the spring.

Another common method is layering. You can start the procedure in April, after the first leaves appear on the shoots. In this case, the layers will have time to take root during the growing season. Young plants are separated from the mother bush towards the end of autumn. In winter, they will need a fir spruce shelter.

Dividing the bush is considered a less popular method in comparison with propagation by cuttings and layering. This is due to the fact that in the process of work you will have to make physical efforts, and the number of plants that can be obtained as a result of dividing an adult vesicle is limited to 4 - 6 bushes. The procedure is carried out in early spring, before the plant enters the stage of active growth. However, the division of the bush can be carried out in the fall, when flowering ends, and at least 45 days will remain before the onset of frost.

Diseases and pests

The Little Joker bladder variety is characterized by high resistance to most diseases, the plant is rarely affected by pests. However, some diseases of the plant can still threaten:


The Little Joker bubble plant is a small shrub that will impress lovers of exotic plants. The variety is characterized by high frost resistance, undemanding care and ease of planting.

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