Video: Build a natural stone fire pit yourself - this is how you bring cosiness into the garden

An open fireplace is an experience for the whole family. Whether stick bread, sausage on skewers or just sitting together with friends - it is simply beautiful and relaxing at the same time. However, when it comes to design, many are initially overwhelmed. Do you just take a fire bowl from the hardware store or do you build something yourself? If you are a little bit skilled at hand, you can of course also build a cozy fireplace yourself. It takes time, but it is all the more individual after completion.

After the last video instruction of a fireplace was quite simple and inexpensive, I would like to show you a somewhat more complex instruction today (see above). The do-it-yourselfers have published instructions on their YouTube Channel, in which the fireplace was made from natural stones. With this variant you need some manual skill and at best you have a little bit of fun doing the puzzles, because assembling the stones is not that easy. But honestly ... In the end you will be rewarded with a fascinating fireplace, where you are sure to spend many cozy hours.

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