Video: Mixing nettle slurry - This is how you easily produce the organic fertilizer yourself

Nettles are not so popular in the garden. It is an annoying weed, which spreads quite quickly and also hurts when you touch it. For gardeners, there is often only one solution - the nettles have to go. STOP! Instead of being annoyed, you should be happy to have nettles in your garden. A biological fertilizer can be made from it very quickly and easily. You can not only use it to fertilize your plants, the lawn and the soil, the so-called nettle slurry is also ideal for controlling pests such as aphids.

Do you want the middle too? No problem. In the video from Bio-Garten Reich you will find detailed instructions for the production of nettle slurry and many other application tips. And honestly, with such a nettle yeast you kill two birds with one stone. You are temporarily rid of the nettles, but also have a wonderful fertilizer for your plants. It doesn't get any better than that, can it?

By the way:

Stinging nettle is stinking. It is best to place the finished bucket somewhere far away from sitting areas and other cozy places. To reduce the stench a little, you can add stone flour to the liquid manure. The NEUDORFF primary rock flour is highly recommended (e.g. here). It not only serves to reduce odors, but also to improve the soil with nutrients or as an addition to the composter.