Cleaning and maintaining terrace boards made of larch - how to do it right

If you properly clean and maintain terrace boards made of larch, you not only create a beautiful appearance, you also extend the life of the boards.

Decking has to endure a lot Larch is a popular material for the floor covering on the terrace. The wood comes from domestic or Siberian cultivation, with Siberian larch being harder. With proper laying and regular care, you have made a good choice with both types of larch. Properly cared for, the wood with its yellowish brown to reddish brown color creates a warm atmosphere.

Take precautions when laying

The wood has to endure a lot on the terrace because it is exposed to all weather conditions. Sun, rain, ice and snow finally hit the floorboard without restriction. The changing weather can lead to the graying of the larch wood. The real risk lies in the design. If larch comes into contact with the earth, the wood can rot quickly. A well-ventilated substructure without direct contact with the ground protects against this.

Minimal joints between the individual planks and a joint between the house wall and terrace ensure that rainwater runs off quickly. This way, the decking boards dry faster. Also pay attention to high-quality processing of the planks. The wood should be as free of knots and glazes as possible, otherwise there is a risk of splintering. Whether you prefer smooth or corrugated planks is a matter of taste. However, smooth planks are easier to clean and maintain. In contrast, corrugated planks are non-slip when wet.

Clean larch decking

The best way to remove everyday dirt is with a broom, a scrubbing brush or a hard brush and clear water. Thorough cleaning is often necessary, especially at the beginning of the season. Careful cleaning is particularly important in the spaces or with corrugated planks. Remove the moss as it will affect the life of the planks.

You can also remove stubborn dirt and moss with a pressure washer. But beware! Use the weakest level or hire a specialist so that the boards are not damaged.

Maintain larch decking

The care maintains the beauty of the wooden floor and extends the lifespan. Over time, larch develops a gray veil that does not harm the wood, but does not please everyone. With a hard wax oil or terrace oil (e.g. available here) that you use once a year, you prevent graying and strengthen the wood against moisture. The natural light or reddish color is retained. If the gray veil has already struck, you can use a special graying agent (e.g. available here).

Clean the floor thoroughly before oiling and let it dry well. Ideally a few days. You must also sand sealed or varnished planks before oiling them. Then apply the oil thinly to the wood with a rag. After a few minutes you have to wipe off the excess oil. After 24 hours you can enter the terrace again and set up furniture.