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Planning light in the garden: 5 ideal lighting ideas

Good lighting in the garden creates cosiness and, above all, ensures safety. We give inspiration, your personal taste decides!

As long as the sun is shining, everything is beautiful, but it is hardly getting dark when you are groping in the garden. Light in the garden must be for safety reasons and is a real eye-catcher in many cases.

Garden paths, terrace steps and the garden pond need appropriate lighting, which you will find out at the latest when you spend the evening in the garden. The lights don't have to be functional. Nowadays there are a lot of options with chic, you just have to know which and how to use them best.

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Idea 1: light in the garden without electricity

I start directly with the simplest and most energy-saving variant, because storm networking is often limited, especially in allotment gardens. If this is also the case in your garden, get one or more lights that are powered by solar.

The advantage of solar lamps is very clear, there is no annoying cable laying. The solar lights are mainly suitable to illuminate dark garden paths or to create a cozy atmosphere. However, these lamps are not sufficient as a light source, for example for reading. The sun provides us with the electricity we need free of charge and you can position the lamps anywhere. Since solar lamps do not heat up, do not attract insects, so there is no wild thrashing around.

There are even more ideas here: garden lighting without electricity

Idea 2: lighting directly on the floor

The advantage of the integrated lighting in the terrace floor or soil is of course the space saving. Lamps that are stuck into the ground with earth spikes and then protrude 75 percent are often overlooked. It is enough to hit the wheelbarrow and the lamp is defective.

The clever alternative are recessed spotlights that are integrated into the floor. Not only can garden paths be optimally illuminated, but also the terrace floor. Modern floor spotlights are equipped with LEDs that produce a warm, soft light and are very energy-saving (more on lightcycle.de).

Idea 3: Ball lamps bring design into the garden

Spherical lamps actually look quite simple, but, when well staged, make a real difference. What do i mean?

Ball lamps are light source and decoration at the same time. Arranged in a row, they are perfect for “marking” path boundaries. But also beds can be edged with it or conjured up atmospheric light at the garden pond. If you like it particularly colorful, you can also find ball lamps with color changers in stores. The easiest way to set up the stylish lights is when they are operated by solar. If this is too unsafe for you (little sun during the day), simply choose the variant with electricity.

Idea 4: Lanterns that conjure up romance

Ending the day on the terrace after work is probably the best reward for any hobby gardener. Comfort is the motto that you can easily implement with lanterns and candles. The soft light has a calming effect and conjures up Mediterranean flair without much effort.

Classic style lanterns are simply fitted with candles. However, there are also models that are powered by electricity and can be attached to the ceiling or wall (pendant lights). For very creative people: on diy4you.de there is a step-by-step guide on how to build a lantern yourself.

Idea 5: lighting of garden wall & pergola

Mostly in the Christmas season and on special occasions, antique buildings are illuminated from the outside and thus become an eye-catcher for everyone. You too can skillfully stage your favorite spots in the garden. For this purpose, outdoor spotlights are positioned individually or in a row in front of the respective object and switched on at dawn.

In this way, a simple rose arch can easily be transformed into a light object like a thousand and one nights. The outdoor lights can also perform two functions at the same time: on the one hand, they create a beautiful ambience, on the other hand, they provide security, for example by illuminating stairs.