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Maintain fan palm: water properly, fertilize and cut back

If fan palm trees are properly cared for, they can get quite large. If not, they tend to stay small. Therefore, always pay attention to the following points when maintaining.

Fan palms also need to be cut. The fan palm is one of the more undemanding plants that require very little maintenance. Watering, fertilizing, cutting every now and then, and removing brown leaves is enough to allow the palm to thrive. Assuming you do it all right. Otherwise, care errors will quickly become noticeable on the fan palm. Then you get e.g. brown fronds.

This is how fan palm trees are poured correctly

The region of origin of the fan palm is the Mediterranean. Therefore, it tolerates both heat and prolonged drought without directly hanging the palm fronds. Of course, the fan palm doesn't get along completely without water. With container plants in particular, you must ensure that the soil never dries out completely.

The reason is that the roots of the fan palm can draw moisture from deep soils, but the space in the bucket is very tight. Only planted freely in a suitable place in the garden can the palm make use of its ability to withstand the drought.

However, you should not water the fan palm too much. It only needs more water during the growing season, which falls in spring. However, if there is waterlogging in the root region, the roots rot. We therefore recommend that you provide the tub plant with a drainage and drainage facility so that excess water does not collect in the lower root area (reading tip: plant a fan palm - how to do it properly). Always keep the soil moist and prevent it from drying out completely. By watering a completely dry soil, you will wash away the nutrients that are important for the plant, and the soil cannot absorb the moisture at all. In summary, you should note the following when casting:

  • water more in spring
  • Generally keep the soil moist
  • Avoid waterlogging

So that the palm fans do not dry out in the summer months, you can place a humidifier near the plant. Alternatively, the plant likes it if the fans are covered with a fine spray in between.

How to properly fertilize fan palms

To give the fan palm more resistance and promote growth, you can fertilize it between spring and summer. A complete fertilizer is ideal. The following ingredients are important:

  • Nitrogen - supports leaf and shoot formation
  • Phosphorus - promotes strong roots
  • Potash - increases stability, increases flower formation

Prune palm trees carefully

Every now and then you have to free the fan palm from dried or kinked palm fronds. The best time to prune is just before winter, because during the winter months the fan palm stops growing completely, so pruning does not hinder the ripening of new palm fronds.

When trimming, only concentrate on the leaves that are clearly bent downwards. Also cut out brown and dried fronds from the plant. Always keep the trunk in mind when caring for it. If palm fronds fall off, small stumps remain on the trunk, in which parasites like to settle. Therefore remove all unnecessary dies.