Video: make seed paper yourself - small gift idea for garden lovers

In summer, barbecues, cozy sitting around the campfire or pool parties are the order of the day. And with each visit you think again about what you can give your garden friends as a small souvenir. At the top of the list are of course homemade things like pesto, chutneys, liqueurs or other little things from the garden kitchen. Flowers and various plants are also very popular. But how about a small seed paper, for example, where the hobby gardener first has to pull the plant up himself?

I think the idea is really brilliant. It is made relatively quickly, costs little money and is guaranteed to make the recipient happy. Sandra von GRÜNELIEBE shows how easy it is to make a DIY seed paper in her video. If you already have seeds at home, you can start right away. And so that the lucky man also knows what to do with the small seed paper, there is a small planting guide to print out.

»Planting instructions in green
»Planting instructions in pink

Have fun copying and giving away !!!