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Wintering Strelitzia - So it survives the winter well

Even though strelitzia are mainly houseplants, they still have to be overwintered. And there is a lot to consider here.

Strelitzia need a winter break We usually associate wintering with plants that are outdoors all year round or at least cut back in autumn and darkened over winter. You have to do it differently with the Strelitzie. The plant, originally from South Africa, is used to warmth and brightness and does not tolerate a dark, even cold location at all. So you have to consider a few things if you want to bring the bird of paradise well over the winter.

Strelitzia rest in winter

Basically it should be said that you do not necessarily have to hibernate a strelitzia by changing the keeping conditions. If it is a houseplant anyway, you can leave it at the previous location and continue to care for it like the rest of the year. However, the plant cannot then recover and regain strength for a wonderful flowering season.

It is therefore a good idea to give Strelitzia a rest during the winter months. The beautiful flowers in summer will reward you for your efforts. This variant is particularly suitable for plants that are outdoors during the summer.

You have to keep that in mind

Cool strelitzia:

The plant must never get frost or vegetate in the dark cellar. Strelitzia need light - all year round. For the winter months, therefore, choose a bright, quiet, sunny location that is simply cooler than the area in the rest of the year. Wintering temperatures of around 10 to 12 degrees Celsius are recommended. Due to the cool temperature, the strelitzia automatically reduces growth and strengthens. The advantage: winter the strelitzia at a cooler temperature, it will form new flowers earlier, so that the flowering time is actually between early spring and summer.

Water strelitzia sufficiently:

It is important that you adjust the watering in the winter months to the needs of the plant. Strelitzia are evergreen, which is why they need sufficient water even during winter rest. Therefore always check whether the soil is too dry. The upper layer of soil may dry, but the root ball must not dry out. Rather pour only small amounts, but more often.

Getting Strelitzia out of hibernation:

If the days get warmer and brighter again, you can stop the winter rest and put the strelitzia in its old place. For the first few days, just make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Due to the cooler location, the strelitzia is a bit more sensitive to heat at first.

Our tip: Repot Strelitzie after hibernation

If you end the winter dormancy of the Strelitzie, you can take the opportunity directly to treat it to a new plant pot. At the latest, when the stability between the pot and leaf tension is no longer guaranteed or the first roots take root through the drain holes, the time has come for repotting. The strelitzia thrives better in the larger pot and will soon start to flower.

By the way:

If you plant the strelitzia in a larger pot, you can also divide and multiply it straight away. Read here how this is done.