Planting cucumbers in a pot - explained step by step

Salad cucumbers, pickled cucumbers, lemon cucumbers - they can all be planted not only in the bed, but also in a pot. We'll show you how.

Cucumbers can also be pulled in a saucepan

It is generally advisable to pick cucumbers in pots on the windowsill or in the greenhouse. This has the great advantage that you are extremely flexible in terms of time and can also choose from many different types. You can then place the young plants in the garden after the ice has healed around mid-May.

However, this is not absolutely necessary, because you can also leave the cucumbers in the pots. In this case, the young plants do not have to move. In the meantime there are mini cucumbers and lemon cucumbers on the market, which take up much less space and are, of course, ideal for growing in pots. We explain to you exactly how the cultivation should look.

Sowing in a pot - that's how it's done

Step 1 - choose planter and soil:

Mid-April is the ideal time for sowing. You should then take a container that is large enough if possible. There are mainly buckets. Flower boxes or window boxes, on the other hand, are rather unsuitable because they become too small over time. It is also important that you take a soil with enough nutrients if you want to plant cucumbers. It is always best to use special soil for cultivation.

Once you have everything ready, you can start sowing in the next step.

Step 2 - sowing:

Place three to four seeds on a pot, which you should cover with a layer of soil about two centimeters thick after spreading. The distance between the individual plants should be at least 20 centimeters. This means that there is only room for a single plant in smaller pots.

Step 3 - let cucumbers grow & remove cotyledons:

During the germination phase, the temperature must now be at least 20 degrees, and the plants also need a lot of light. If the conditions are optimal, the cucumbers germinate very quickly.

When you see five leaves, you should remove the two lower leaves (called the cotyledons). This means that the roots of the plants develop stronger.

Step 4 - bring plants outside:

After the ice saints, you can then place the bucket in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. However, the location should always be well protected. The young plants are also sensitive, which is why you should slowly get used to the sun so that the leaves do not burn.

It should also be noted that the plants in the bucket require considerably more water. That is why regular watering is essential.

Step 5 - Provide climbing aid:

If the cucumber plants have reached a certain height, you should provide them with a climbing aid, since they cannot really expand in width.