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Planting cucumbers in a raised bed - tips for profitable cultivation

Whether in the garden, greenhouse or on the balcony - cucumbers thrive everywhere. But best in the raised bed. We have put together some important growing tips for this.

Cucumbers also thrive in a raised bed

The cucumber is not a very easy to care for and undemanding plant. And that's exactly why many hobby gardeners fail. This is probably because the cucumber needs a lot of nutrients and humus and many gardeners do not know exactly that.

In addition, the roots need enough oxygen so that they do not die. Therefore the floor has to be nice and loose. It can also warm up much more easily, which is an important point for cucumber cultivation. A heavily compacted, heavy soil is therefore not suitable for growing cucumbers.

Since growing in a bed can be difficult, cultivation in a raised bed is an ideal alternative. Nothing should go wrong here when growing cucumbers (whether snake cucumbers, mini cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, etc.). However, only if you follow the tips below.

Tips for growing cucumbers in the raised bed

❃ Tip 1 - the perfect location:

If you place the cucumbers on the south side of the raised bed, you have created the best conditions for successful cultivation. (Reading tip: Build a raised bed yourself in 7 steps)

❃ Tip 2 - It is best to prefer cucumber plants:

From around mid-May, you can either spread the cucumber seeds directly in the raised bed, or you can bring the cucumbers on the windowsill from early / mid-April. The latter is more advisable.

3 Tip 3 - provide cucumbers with nutrients:

It is best to move the soil with an organic fertilizer, i.e. fresh manure or mature compost. The earth is then supplied with all the necessary nutrients, and so later the cucumbers. However, it is still advisable to use a low-dose liquid fertilizer during the period of main growth. (Reading tip: fertilize cucumbers - how to increase the yield)

❃ Tip 4 - note planting distances:

As the cucumbers spread creeping, you should leave enough space between the individual plants. 20 centimeters is the minimum.

If you do not want to use climbing aids, you should only plant a single row. You can only plant several rows if the plants can climb up.

❃ Tip 5 - Plant the edge of the raised bed additionally:

In a single row, you can still plant the edge of the bed with fast-growing vegetables, because it takes longer for the cucumbers to spread over the entire raised bed.

Of course, you can also place the cucumbers on the edge of the raised bed. Then the tendrils can hang over the edge.

6 Tip 6 - Always keep the soil moist:

You always have to keep the soil in the raised bed moist. With this type of cultivation, the plants need a little more water anyway. However, you should definitely avoid the formation of waterlogging. The irrigation water must also not be cold, otherwise the cucumbers could get a bitter taste.