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Processing bees with a Bipin smoke cannon with kerosene

The plague of ticks is an epidemic of modern beekeeping. These parasites can destroy entire apiaries. Treatment of bees with "Bipin" in the fall will help to cope with the problem. Everything about the features of using the drug, the rules for preparing the composition, restrictions on the use of further.

What is "Bipin"

"Bipin" is a drug with acaricidal action. That is, it heals the bees from the infestation of mites. This drug is transmitted by contact in the family. Possessing a pronounced anti-mite activity, treatment with "Bipin" does not affect the strength of bee colonies, does not lead to the death of queens and brood.

"Bipin" is a solution available in ampoules. The volume of 1 ampoule varies from 0.5 to 5 ml. The drug is stored at room temperature, in a dark place out of the reach of children.

How Bipin works on the varroa mite

Bipin for bee treatment effectively eliminates varroa mite infestation. Already after 1 procedure, from 95% to 99% of parasites die. The medicine has a complex effect on the adult, larvae and eggs. Further, "Bipin" is transmitted between individuals, killing parasites without harming the bees.

The mites are peeling off the bees due to their intense movement. They suddenly begin to get irritated and move when the drug evaporates in dosage from the surface of their body.

When to treat bees from the mite "Bipin" in autumn

To completely get rid of ticks, you need to strictly observe the terms of the autumn processing of bees with "Bipin". The signal to start the procedure for beekeepers is the drop in air temperature in the fall. They also observe when insects begin to form clubs, prepare for wintering. At this time, the bees spend more time in the hives, they practically do not fly out for a bribe.

At what temperature to carry out the treatment of bees with "Bipin" in the fall

Beekeepers with extensive experience in beekeeping pay special attention to the temperature regime of processing. Treatment with "Bipin" bees is considered optimal in the fall, when the outside temperature ranges from + 1 ° C to + 5 ° C. Frost or, conversely, hot weather are completely unsuitable for the procedure.

Important! In order to suppress the hotbeds of infection that have arisen in the summer, it is very important to adhere to the correct temperature when processing "Bipin" in the fall.

How to dilute "Bipin" for processing bees

There are 2 ways to use the drug in the fall for the treatment of varroatosis. The first method corresponds to the instructions for use. In order to prepare the medicinal mixture according to the instructions, take a 1 ml ampoule. 2 L of water is used as a solvent. Mix well. It turns out a white liquid.

If you breed "Bipin" for bees in this way, the mixture is enough for 20 families. If the apiary is larger, you need to take a larger ampoule. The main thing is to keep the proportion. The solution is poured into a glass container. It is convenient to use a bank for this purpose. Experienced beekeepers cover the container with a piece of glass rather than a plastic lid. They argue that this method is more convenient, and the glass will definitely not be blown away by a gust of wind.

The second method of processing bees with "Bipin" in the fall is the use of a smoke cannon. This method is described in more detail later.

How to treat bees with "Bipinom"

Using a smoke cannon to treat insects is the most convenient method. But not everyone has this tool. For those who have not yet acquired it, this section has been written about the treatment of bees with "Bipin" in the fall from ticks.

During the procedure, you should stand on the leeward side so that the vapors do not enter the respiratory system. Be sure to wear a protective suit, goggles and a mesh on your face. Immediately before processing in the fall, the beekeeper removes the roof and insulation from the hive, turns the canvas from front to back.

Collect the solution into a syringe and quickly pour the mixture onto the street. After each processing, return the lap to its place. It is better to pause for 20-30 seconds so as not to crush insects. When the procedure comes to an end, the insulation and the roof are installed back. A strong family takes 150 ml of the mixture, medium strength - about 100 ml, weak - 50 ml.

Treatment of bees from ticks "Bipin" with a smoke gun

The smoke cannon, used to kill ticks, is an effective means of fighting parasites. After 1 procedure, 98.9-99.9% of pests die. The smoke cannon has the following components:

  • the tank in which the solution is located;
  • pump for supplying the active mixture;
  • pump drive handle;
  • filter for the working mixture;
  • gas canister;
  • gas supply valve;
  • broiler;
  • gas-burner;
  • a ring that presses a can of gas;
  • nozzle.

Before starting spraying, a gas canister is attached to the smoke cannon. To avoid gas leaks, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the gas supply valve.
  2. Unscrew the ring securing the can.
  3. Insert the can into the gas burner.
  4. Twist the ring until the needle pierces the gas cylinder.

Important! Disposable gas cylinder. You cannot refuel it additionally. A new can is placed only when the previous one is completely empty.

In 1-2 minutes after filling the cylinder of the smoke-gun with the working solution, the treatment can be started. When pressed, the mixture starts to flow into the cylinder. After lowering the handle, liquid spraying begins.

This way of using Bipin in beekeeping in autumn is ideal for large apiaries. Approximately 50 hives can be processed in a matter of minutes. Another advantage of the method is that it is available even in windy conditions.

When can bees be fed after treatment with "Bipin"

Experienced beekeepers do not pump out all the honey in the fall, but leave some to the bees. This method has proven itself better for insects than autumn feeding. If, nevertheless, the beekeeper has pumped out all the honey and decided to feed his wards, the treatment with "Bipin" in the fall has no restrictions on feeding. You can start immediately after completing the procedure.

How many times to treat bees with "Bipin" in the fall

As a rule, it is enough to carry out the procedure once to completely get rid of the ticks. You can reuse "Bipin" in the spring for preventive purposes after wintering, but in the autumn, one treatment is enough. Occasionally, if there are too many parasites, repeat the procedure after 3 days.

How to process the hive "Bipinom" in the fall

Before proceeding with the processing of the hive in the fall, all honey is collected from it. Then the beekeeper will be sure that no chemicals will get into the product.

The prepared mixture is drawn into a syringe and poured between frames. Solution consumption for 1 street is 10 ml. It takes an average of 1 hour to process 20 hives.

Treatment of bees with a smoke cannon: "Bipin" + kerosene

Apply 3 types of solutions when using a smoke gun. The first consists of ethyl alcohol, oxalic acid and thymol. The second contains water and tau-fluvalinate. Both mixtures must be heated in a water bath. But the most simple in preparation and effective is a smoke cannon for processing bees with "Bipin" with kerosene.

How to dilute "Bipin" with kerosene for processing bees with a smoke cannon

It is not difficult to prepare this solution. The dosage for treating bees with "Bipin" in the fall is 4 ml. For this amount, take 100 ml of kerosene. Beekeepers who have used this mixture more than once claim that the type of kerosene does not matter. You can take regular or peeled. But the latter is much more expensive.

This amount of medicinal seven is enough for 50 bee colonies. You can prepare more solution in advance, because it can be used for several months. The main thing is to observe the proportions of "Bipin" with kerosene - 1:25.

How to properly treat bees in autumn with "Bipin" with kerosene

After pumping the working solution into the nozzle, clouds of smoke are expected to appear. At the same time, the handle of the smoke cannon is pressed all the way. Further, the handle is released, and the supply of the medicinal mixture begins. There is a dispenser in the smoke cannon, therefore, it cannot come out more than 1 cm at a time3 solution.

The nozzle is inserted 1-3 cm into the lower entrance. Two clicks are enough for 1 slot.

After each introduction of smoke, it is advisable to maintain the exposure for up to 10 minutes. During this time, the solution will be in better contact with the bees. After the end of the procedure, turn off the supply valve.

Restrictions, contraindications for use

Since the solution in the smoke cannon is a self-igniting substance, you must be extremely careful. It is necessary to beware of mechanical damage to the device, as this may lead to leakage of the working solution. During processing, it is forbidden to drink, smoke, eat. It is recommended to wear a gas mask or respirator.

Attention! If there is an interruption in the operation of the smoke cannon, you must immediately contact a company that specializes in gas equipment.


Treatment of bees with "Bipin" in autumn is an effective method of combating mites. The benefits increase significantly if you use a smoke cannon as a dispenser. With the help of this device, in a matter of minutes, you can process an entire apiary and be sure that the solution will be used until the last drop as intended.

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