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Tomato Betta: reviews, photos, yield

The Betta tomato was obtained by Polish breeders. The variety is distinguished by early ripening and high yield. The fruits have a wide range of applications, suitable for daily diet and home canning. Betta tomatoes require minimal maintenance, which includes watering and fertilizing with minerals.

Features of the variety

The characteristics and description of the Betta tomato variety are as follows:

  • early maturation;
  • 78-83 days pass from seed germination to harvest;
  • determinant bush;
  • standard tomato with a small amount of tops;
  • bush height 0.5 m;
  • 4-5 tomatoes ripen on a brush.

Betta fruits have a number of features:

  • rounded shape;
  • smooth surface;
  • weight from 50 to 80 g;
  • juicy pulp with few seeds;
  • pronounced tomato flavor.

Betta tomatoes are suitable for growing at home. On household plots and on farms, the variety is planted in greenhouses or in open areas.

Variety yield

Up to 2 kg of fruits are removed from one bush of Betta tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes are used to make appetizers, salads, tomato paste and juice.

Due to their small size and dense skin, Betta tomatoes are suitable for canning. They are used for pickling and salting and as a whole. The fruits tolerate long-term transportation well and do not crack when ripe.

Landing order

The Betta tomato is grown in seedlings. First, seedlings are obtained at home, which require certain conditions. Then the plants are transferred to an open area, in a greenhouse or greenhouse.

Getting seedlings

Betta tomato seeds are planted in February-March. For planting, a special soil is required, obtained by mixing garden soil and compost in equal proportions. You can also purchase ready-made soil from garden stores.

Advice! If soil from the site is used, then it is calcined for 15 minutes in an oven or microwave.

Seed material is also processed. It is immersed in warm water for a day to stimulate the emergence of seedlings. Seed growers often treat them with nutrient solutions. In this case, the seeds are brightly colored and do not need additional growth stimulation.

Seedlings of Betta tomatoes are grown in containers up to 15 cm high. They are filled with earth, after which seeds are placed every 2 cm. Peat is poured on top with a layer of 1 cm. The final stage is abundant watering of the seeds and covering the containers with foil.

To stimulate seedling, the containers are kept warm at a temperature of 25 degrees. When the tomatoes are germinated, they are placed on a window and illuminated for 12 hours. The seedlings are watered periodically, trying to prevent the soil from drying out.

Greenhouse landing

Betta tomatoes are planted in the greenhouse 2 months after sprouting. By this time, the seedling reaches 25 cm, has 6 leaves and a developed root system.

The preparation of the greenhouse for growing tomatoes is carried out in the fall. The top soil layer needs to be replaced as insects and pathogens can hibernate in it. The renewed soil is dug up and fertilized with compost.

Advice! As a fertilizer, wood ash is added to the greenhouse soil.

Pits are prepared for Betta tomatoes to a depth of 20 cm. Tomatoes are placed in 30 cm increments. 50 cm are left between the rows. Tomatoes are recommended to be planted in a checkerboard pattern. This simplifies planting care, and plant shoots do not interfere with each other.

Plants are placed in them together with an earthen lump, which is covered with soil. Then the soil is trampled down a little and the tomatoes are plentifully watered.

Outdoor cultivation

As the reviews on the Betta tomato show, in regions with a favorable climate, the variety is planted in open ground. It is advisable to wait for the soil and air to warm up well.

The tomato beds are prepared in the fall. Choose well-lit places that are not subject to wind load. Tomatoes are planted after cabbage, root vegetables, onions or garlic. If the predecessors are tomatoes of any varieties, peppers and potatoes, then such a place is not suitable for planting.

2 weeks before disembarkation, the seedlings are hardened on the balcony or loggia. First, it is left in the fresh air for several hours, gradually this period is increased.

Important! Tomato variety Betta is planted every 30 cm, there is enough 50 cm of free space between the rows.

Tomatoes are dipped into the holes and the soil is tamped. Plantings are watered with warm water. Although the variety is undersized, it is advisable to tie the tomatoes up so that they do not break under the influence of weather.

Care scheme

Betta tomatoes require care, which includes watering and feeding. Grasshopping is not carried out, since according to its characteristics and description, the Betta tomato variety is undersized. So that the stem grows even and strong, and the shoots do not fall to the ground, the tomatoes are tied to a support.

The variety is resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes. To prevent diseases, you need to follow the rules of watering, regularly ventilate the greenhouse, and do not plant tomatoes too often. Due to early ripening, the variety is not affected by late blight.

Watering and loosening

The Betta variety needs watering, which is carried out with warm, settled water. On average, tomatoes are watered once or twice a week. The moisture content of the soil is maintained at 80%. Lack of moisture leads to yellowing and curling of leaves, falling off of inflorescences. Its excess also negatively affects plants: the root system rots, signs of fungal diseases appear.

After transferring the tomatoes to a permanent place, they are watered only after 10 days. When the plants adapt to new conditions, moisture is applied twice a week, and 2 liters of water are used per bush. When flowering begins, it is enough to water each planting, however, the volume of water used must be increased to 5 liters.

Advice! Watering is done in the morning or evening so that moisture is absorbed into the ground.

When fruits ripen, tomatoes are watered every 3 days. One bush requires 3 liters of water. When the fruits start to turn red, watering should be reduced to avoid cracking.

After watering, the soil under the tomatoes is loosened to a depth of 5 cm. This improves air exchange in the soil, and tomatoes better absorb moisture and nutrients. It is also recommended to huddle tomato trunks, which strengthens the root system.

Top dressing of tomatoes

According to reviews, the Betta tomato responds well to fertilization. The first feeding of tomatoes is carried out a week after planting. For this, 10 liters of water and superphosphate in the amount of 30 g are used. The substance is dissolved in water, after which the tomatoes are watered. Due to phosphorus, metabolic processes are improved and the root system of tomatoes is strengthened.

A week later, a second feeding is performed. For plants, a solution is prepared based on 10 liters of water and 30 g of potassium salt. The taste of fruits and the immunity of tomatoes depend on the intake of potassium.

Important! An alternative feeding method is wood ash. It is embedded in soil or added to water when watering.

To stimulate the formation of ovaries, boric acid is used, 10 g of which is diluted in a 10-liter bucket of water filled with water. Processing is done by spraying tomatoes.

Gardeners reviews

Igor, 49 years old, Ufa

Last year I bought Betta tomato seeds for planting. The package contained 30-35 seeds covered with a special shell. It contains substances with stimulating and disinfecting properties. The bushes have grown to a height of about 60 cm, with a powerful stem and a large number of inflorescences. The fruits ripen at the same time and are small in size, well suited for canning.

Larisa, 34 years old, Moscow

For several years now I have been growing tomatoes at home on the windowsill, I am constantly in search of new varieties. Last year I decided to try a new variety for myself, Betta. Before planting, the seeds were poured onto a plate, covered with a cloth and covered with warm water. Then she moved the seeds to the ground. The germination rate was almost 100%, and the seedlings grew very quickly. To prevent the branches from breaking off, I tie them up. Tomatoes pleased with a good harvest, there were no special problems with them.

Raisa, 58 years old, Perm

For the first time I decided to plant tomatoes on my site. I chose the Betta tomato according to the description, because it is short and resistant to gusts of wind. I planted the seeds in April, and within a month the tomatoes reached 30 cm. For planting, holes were prepared in the greenhouse and the soil was fertilized with humus. Even with minimal care, they reaped a good harvest. Fruiting began at the end of July.


The Betta tomato is an early ripening variety that produces a large yield of tasty fruits. These tomatoes are undemanding to care, just water and feed them. The bush is compact and does not take up much space. The variety is grown in greenhouses, in open areas, as well as at home on balconies and loggias. The fruits are suitable for sale, they are stored for a long time and do not crack when ripe.

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