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Video: rabbit husbandry - tips on basic equipment and species-appropriate husbandry

Rabbits are moving into the gardens more and more often. This can be observed very often, especially in families with children. The children want to play with them, they cuddle and hug. Rabbits are escape animals!

There is of course nothing against keeping rabbits in the garden. They can survive outside without any problems, but they need a certain basic equipment and, above all, a place where they can retreat. If you are considering taking in rabbits, you should inform yourself thoroughly beforehand. Isabaeu has published a very interesting and insightful video article on her YouTube Channel. Here she shows us her rabbit hutch with the different equipment features and explains why this or that is important for the rabbits and what should be avoided.

If you want to find out more, you can do this at the animal rights organization peta.de. Here you can get further information.