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Canteen carrot varieties

Table root vegetables are a large group of vegetables, including cruciferous, umbellate, haze and asteraceae plants. The most common plants in this group are table carrots. It has excellent taste characteristics and a rich vitamin composition. Table carrots can be early-maturing, mid-maturing and late-maturing. Let us consider in more detail its varieties, depending on the ripening time.

Early ripe varieties of table carrots

Unlike the middle and late varieties, the early varieties are not as sugar-rich. They will not please with a huge harvest and their shelf life is short. But their distinctive feature is a short, no more than 100 days, vegetative period.


A distinctive feature of Artek is its excellent taste. Juicy orange-red roots contain 14% dry matter, up to 7% sugar and 12 mg of carotene. In their shape, they resemble a thickened cylinder, tapering towards the base. There are small grooves on the smooth surface of the root crops. The total diameter of Artek is 4 cm, with 2/3 of the diameter being the core. The average length of ripe carrots will be 16 cm and the weight will be about 130 grams.

Important! Artek is characterized by complete submergence of the root crop. But as technical maturity approaches, the top of the carrot will protrude slightly above the surface of the earth.

Artek has excellent resistance to white rot.

Fun F1

A green rosette of slightly dissected leaves of this hybrid hides medium-sized roots. Their weight will not exceed 100 grams. The cylindrical shape of the Fun, as well as its pulp, is colored bright orange. The roots of this hybrid contain up to 12% dry matter, 8% sugar and 15 mg of carotene. Early ripe Zabava is perfect for winter storage.

Nantes 4

The bright orange carrots of Nantes 4 are quite smooth and cylindrical with a rounded blunt end. Its maximum length will be 17 cm, and its weight will not exceed 200 grams. The pulp has excellent taste characteristics: it is very tender and juicy. Root crops can be perfectly used both fresh and for processing. Due to the high content of carotene, this carrot is very useful for children. The yield of Nantes is up to 7 kg per square meter.

Advice! A late planting crop is suitable for long-term storage. With early sowing, the crop can retain its marketable qualities only until the middle of winter.

Mid-season varieties of table carrots

Unlike early varieties, the middle ones have higher yields and better shelf life. Their vegetative period will be up to 120 days.


This is one of the most common types of table carrots. In its shape, its roots are similar to a truncated blunt-pointed cone. The smooth surface and firm flesh are colored deep orange-red. Against this background, the large yellow-orange core of the root crop stands out strongly. The root vegetable Shantane has not only excellent taste, but also aroma. Sugar in it will not exceed 7%, and carotene - 14 mg. This composition makes this carrot versatile in use.

Lack of early steming and immunity to diseases are the main characteristics of Shantane. The yield will be about 8 kg per square meter.

The emperor

The emperor is characterized by rather large blunt-pointed cylindrical roots. Their smooth surface has small grooves and is colored orange-red. The length of the root crops will be up to 30 cm, and the weight up to 200 grams. The emperor has a firm, juicy pulp with a small heart. It is one of the record holders for carotene content - almost 25 mg.

Premature release of a flower shoot does not threaten the Emperor, exactly, as well as premature stemming. It is perfectly stored and is even capable of improving its taste during storage.


It is one of the most commonly used root vegetables for baby food. Its fruit is shaped like a cylinder, tapering downward. Their length is about 20 cm, and their weight is 150 grams. The color of the smooth surface of the carrot and its dense pulp is the same - orange. Against its background, a small core does not stand out at all. This variety has earned children's love due to its sweetness, juiciness and tenderness. In addition, it is rich in carotene.

Important! The sugar and carotene level in Losinoostrovskaya root crops increases with storage time.

The yield of root crops per square meter will not exceed 7 kg. Moreover, it is able to be stored for a long time. And the cold resistance of Losinoostrovskaya is allowed to plant it before winter.

Late-ripening varieties of table carrots

Cardame F1

An excellent hybrid variety for universal use. Has a semi-spreading rosette of dark green long leaves. The Kardame root crop resembles a blunt cone in shape. It is quite long, but its weight will not exceed 150 grams. A small orange core stands out on the dark orange flesh. Cardame is a very tasty and fruitful hybrid variety. Due to the fact that its roots are resistant to cracking, it can be stored for a long time.

Autumn queen

The Queen of Autumn is the most popular late-ripening root vegetable. Its green, slightly dissected leaves form a spreading rosette. Under it is a large root vegetable, which has a conical shape and a pointed tip. It is about 30 cm long and weighs 250 grams. The surface of the root vegetables, as well as its pulp and core, are colored in a rich, bright orange color. The pulp has an amazing taste: it is moderately juicy and sweet. The dry matter in it will be 16%, sugar - 10%, and carotene will be about 17%. The Queen of Autumn will not lose her taste characteristics even after long-term storage.

Important! This is one of the most productive varieties - up to 9 kg per square meter.


Beautiful appearance is Flaccoro's trademark. Conical bright orange roots of this variety are even and rather large: up to 30 cm in length and weighing 200 grams. Their tender and juicy pulp is high in carotene. It is suitable both fresh and for processing. Flaccoro has good resistance to major diseases and pests, in addition, its roots are not susceptible to cracking. The yield will be about 5.5 kg per square meter. At the same time, harvesting can be done not only manually, but also mechanically. This feature allows it to be grown on an industrial scale.

All the considered varieties of table carrots will be able to please the gardener with a decent harvest. To do this, you just need to follow the manufacturer's recommendations indicated on the package with seeds.


Anastasia, 36 years old, Kirov

My parents and I always grow Nantes carrots and the Queen of Autumn. They are very fruitful and tasty. In addition, they are completely undemanding to care and are perfectly stored.

Tamara, 58 years old, Alexandrov

Most of all I like Chantane and Nantes. They have a slightly dull shape and great taste. They are moderately sugar and juicy. In addition, they have excellent immunity to major diseases and do not begin to bloom ahead of time. Chantane and Nantes are very fruitful and keep well. I can safely recommend them for landing.

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