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Planting strelitzia - This is how the banana family thrives

If you love exotic flowers, you will love the strelitzia. It is a visual highlight and is also easy to plant.

The strelitzia, also known as the bird of paradise, belongs to the banana family and originally comes from South Africa. It is no coincidence that it has the name Bird of Paradise flower. Because if it blooms after about six years of cultivation, it turns out to be extremely exotic and magnificent. However, the strelitzia is also one of the more demanding green plants, which are an evergreen eye-catcher, but also resent mistakes in care.

When planting it is important that you take the origin of the banana plant into account. The strelitzia originally comes from South Africa and is known for its splendid flowering from December to June. In European regions, the flowering period changes and largely depends on the wintering.

Strelitzia are potted plants

The origin of the strelitzia already suggests that it is not suitable for just being exposed in the garden. The strelitzia is a classic container plant that is kept in warm and always frost-free areas. Even if a location in the garden bed is not suitable, you can still place the Strelitzie on the terrace or balcony during the summer months. The best temperature for good growth is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius.

The right location

A key factor in ensuring that the strelitzia develops flowers after a few years is the location. This should be light. With the exotic plant, it actually means that no place can have too much light. The evergreen plant feels comfortable in the sun. If such a location is not possible, a shady but light-flooded location can be sufficient. Fortunately, the strelitzia shows fairly quickly whether it is satisfied with its location. If the position is too dark, it will not develop large flowers.

It is also important that the strelitzia does not get any direct heating air or cool wind. The heating heat often exceeds the comfortable temperature and a cold draft, such as occurs during ventilation in the winter months, can prevent the blooming or even lead to the plant shrinking. Strelitzia are very popular in bathrooms or in the kitchen. The temperature in these rooms is usually sufficient all year round, and the humidity from cooking or showering prevents diseases from spreading. The strelitzia needs:

  • bright, sunny location
  • Warmth between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius
  • high humidity
  • no heating proximity
  • no cold drafts

This is how the perfect floor should look

With regard to plant soil, strelitzia is relatively easy to care for. You can put them in normal potting soil. Then you need to fertilize them more often. In addition, the earth must not become too solid. It is therefore best to always use a substrate to experience the bird of paradise in all its glory.

If you want to use simple potting soil, but want to create the best conditions for your strelitzia in a bucket, you can upgrade the soil with clay powder, gravel and sand. The gravel prevents the earth from compacting. Due to the clay, it only stores water to a limited extent and the sand allows an air-permeable consistency.