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Diesel heat gun

When there is a need to quickly heat a building under construction, industrial or other large premises, then the first assistant in this matter can be a heat gun. The unit operates on the principle of a fan heater. Depending on the model, the fuel used can be diesel, gas or electricity. Now we will look at how the diesel heat gun works, the principle of its operation and the field of application.

The difference between diesel heat guns by heating method

The construction of diesel cannons of any model is almost the same. There is only one feature that separates the units into two main types - the removal of combustion products. When burning diesel fuel, liquid fuel cannons emit smoke with toxic impurities. Depending on the design of the combustion chamber, the exhaust gases can be discharged outside the heated room or escaped with the heat. This feature of the device of heat guns divided them into units of indirect and direct heating.

Important! Directly heated diesels are cheaper, but they cannot be used in closed objects where people stay for a long time.

Diesel, direct heating

The simplest design of a direct-fired diesel heat gun with 100% efficiency. The unit consists of a steel case, inside which there is an electric fan and a combustion chamber. There is a diesel fuel tank under the body. The pump is responsible for the fuel supply. The burner is in the combustion chamber, so no open fire escapes from the cannon nozzle. This feature of the device allows the use of a diesel engine indoors.

However, when burning, diesel fuel emits caustic smoke, which, together with the heat, blows out the fan into the same heated room. For this reason, direct heating models are used in open or semi-open areas, as well as where there are no people. Usually, direct heating diesel engines are used on construction sites to dry the room, so that the plaster or concrete screed hardens faster. A cannon is useful for a garage, where you can warm up a car engine in winter.

Important! If it is not possible to ensure the absence of people in the heated room, it is dangerous to start up a direct heating diesel engine. Exhaust fumes can cause poisoning and even suffocation.

Diesel, indirect heating

The diesel heat gun of indirect heating is more complicated, but it can already be used in crowded places. Only the design of the combustion chamber differs in units of this type. It is made with the removal of harmful exhaust outside the heated object. The chamber is completely closed at the front and back from the fan side. The exhaust manifold is on top and extends outside the body. It turns out a kind of heat exchanger.

A corrugated hose that removes the gases is put on the branch pipe. It is made of stainless steel or ferrous metal. When the fuel is ignited, the walls of the combustion chamber become hot. A running fan blows over the hot heat exchanger and, together with clean air, expels heat from the gun nozzle. Themselves the harmful gases from the chamber are discharged through the branch pipe through the hose to the street. The efficiency of diesel units with indirect heating is less than that of analogs with direct heating, but they can be used to heat objects with animals and people.

Most models of diesel guns are equipped with a stainless steel combustion chamber, which increases the life of the unit. Diesel is able to work for a long time, while its body will not overheat. And all thanks to the thermostat, since the sensor regulates the intensity of the flame. If desired, another thermostat installed in the room can be connected to the heat gun. The sensor automates the heating process, allowing you to constantly maintain the temperature set by the user.

With the help of a diesel heat gun, they equip the heating system of large buildings. For this, a corrugated sleeve with a thickness of 300–600 mm is used. The hose is laid out inside the room, putting one edge on the nozzle. The same method can be used to supply hot air over long distances. Indirectly heated diesel cannons heat commercial, industrial and industrial premises, train stations, shops and other objects with frequent presence of people.

Infrared diesel

There is another type of diesel-powered units, but on the principle of infrared radiation. These diesel heat guns do not use a fan in their design. He just isn't needed. IR rays do not heat the air, but the object they hit. The absence of a fan reduces the noise level of the operating unit. The only drawback of an infrared diesel engine is spot heating. The cannon is not capable of covering a large area.

Review of popular models

In the store you can find a huge number of diesel heat guns from different manufacturers, differing in power, design and other additional functions. We offer you to get acquainted with a number of popular models

Ballu BHDN-20

By right, in the popularity rating, the Ballu diesel heat gun of indirect heating is in the lead. The professional unit is produced with a power of 20 kW and above. A feature of the heater is a high-quality stainless steel heat exchanger. AISI 310S steel is used for its manufacture. Such units are in demand in large rooms. For example, a Ballu BHDN-20 heat gun is capable of heating up to 200 m2 area. The efficiency of the 20 kW indirect heating unit reaches 82%.


Among the units of direct heating, the MASTER diesel heat gun with a power of 20 kW stands out. Model B 70CED is capable of operating in automatic mode when connected to thermostats TH-2 and TH-5. During combustion, the nozzle outlet maintains a maximum temperature of 250aboutC. Heat gun Master in 1 hour is able to warm up to 400 m3 air.

ENERGOPROM 20kW TPD-20 of direct heating

The direct heating unit with a power of 20 kW is designed for drying buildings under construction and heating air in non-residential premises. For 1 hour of operation, the gun gives out up to 430 m3 hot air.

Kerona P-2000E-T

A large range of heat guns is represented by the manufacturer Kerona. The direct heating model P-2000E-T is the smallest. The unit is capable of heating a room with an area of ​​up to 130 m2... The compact diesel will fit in the trunk of a car if it needs to be transported.

Diesel cannon repair

After the warranty expires, repairing a diesel engine in a service center will be very expensive. Lovers of auto mechanics try to fix many faults on their own. After all, it is foolish to pay a large amount for repairs if, for example, the valve spring has burst and the diesel engine stalls due to the lack of air flow.

Let's look at the most frequent diesel breakdowns and how to fix the malfunction yourself:

  • Fan breakage is determined by stopping the flow of hot air from the nozzle. Often the problem lies in the motor. If it burned out, then the repair is inappropriate here. The engine is simply replaced with a new analogue. It is possible to determine the malfunction of the electric motor by calling the working windings with a tester.
  • The nozzles spray diesel fuel inside the combustion chamber. They rarely fail. If the injectors are defective, combustion stops completely. To replace them, you need to buy exactly the same analog in a specialized store. To do this, take a sample of the broken nozzle with you.
  • Fuel filter repair is easy for anyone. This is the most common breakdown in which combustion stops. Diesel fuel does not always meet regulatory requirements in terms of quality, and solid particles of various impurities clog the filter. To eliminate the malfunction on the body of the gun, you need to unscrew the plug. Next, they take out the filter itself, wash it in clean kerosene, and then put it in its place.

Advice! If the farm has a compressor, then the filter will additionally not interfere with blowing with a large air pressure.

All breakdowns of diesel units require an individual approach during repairs. In the absence of experience, it would be better to contact a service center.

The video shows the repair of diesel guns:

When purchasing a heating unit for home use, you need to take into account the peculiarity of its device and the specifics of its work. It may be wiser to give preference to a gas or electric analogue, and leave the diesel cannon for production needs.

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