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Build tomato tubs from the mortar box yourself - a rich harvest in a small space

It is no longer a secret that tomatoes from your own garden are much more delicious and aromatic. They thrive not only in beds or in the greenhouse, but also in tubs. This variant is particularly suitable for those who only have a balcony or a very small garden. So nobody has to do without fruity tomatoes from their own breeding.

In my research for “special kind” of tubs I came across the video from HighCarb Schwabe. He shows us here how you can easily build a tomato bucket from a simple mortar box from the hardware store or here from Amazon. The video instructions contain detailed step-by-step instructions and an exact list of materials. Then nothing can go wrong.

"By the way: Anyone who has ever stood next to the mortar boxes in the hardware store will have noticed that they smell very unpleasant. This smell settles in the fresh air after a few days. Just put it in the sun and let it evaporate a little and maybe rinse it out a few more times with hot water.

Gardener Tip:
Tomatoes prefer a sunny and sheltered place. Find a location where the tomato can catch as many hours of sunshine as possible. A balcony facing south or southwest is best suited. Tomato plants need water, but not directly from above. The bucket should therefore be well protected from rain, because this promotes the formation of fungal diseases.