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Aqua feed for bees: instruction

"Aquakorm" is a balanced vitamin complex for bees. It is used to activate egg-laying and increase the productivity of workers. It is produced in the form of a powder, which must be dissolved in water before use.

Application in beekeeping

"Aquakorm" is used when there is a high need to build up the strength of the bee colony. Most often it is used in spring or autumn - in preparation for wintering. With a lack of vitamins and minerals, workers become lethargic and less efficient. The work of the queen bee is deteriorating. All this together has an impact on the quantity and quality of the crop.

As a result of using Aquakorm, the family's immune system is strengthened. The risk of contracting a tick-borne infection is reduced. The resistance of the bee organism to fungus and pathogenic bacteria increases. In addition, the work of the digestive organs is normalized, due to which the process of absorption of nutrients is accelerated. Young individuals develop faster than usual.

Composition, release form

The release of "Aquakorm" is carried out in the form of a gray-pink powder. The package is a sealed bag with a volume of 20 g. In the finished form, the preparation is a liquid for drinking insects. It includes:

  • minerals;
  • salt;
  • vitamins.

Pharmacological properties

"Aquakorm" has a positive effect on the wintering process of bees by increasing their activity. It stimulates the secretion of royal jelly and increases the reproductive capacity of the uterus. The desired effect is achieved by replenishing the supply of vitamins.

Instructions for use

Before use, the powder is diluted with water in a ratio of 20 g of the product to 10 liters of water. The resulting solution is filled with a drinking bowl for bees. It is not recommended to open the packaging long before the preparation of the feed. This will negatively affect the safety of the vitamin supplement.

Important! Excessive feeding of insects with vitamin food can lead to excess brood in the hive. This negatively affects the work of the family.

Dosage, application rules

The supplement should be given to bees in the spring or early fall. To replenish useful substances for the bee family, one pack of "Aquafeed" is enough.

Side effects, contraindications, restrictions on use

An abundance of nutrients is just as harmful as a lack of nutrients. Therefore, bees should not be given the drug during the period of increasing their activity. When used correctly, the vitamin supplement does not cause side effects.

Shelf life and storage conditions

"Aquakorm" should be stored in a dry place out of the reach of sunlight. The optimum storage temperature is from 0 to + 25 ° С. If these conditions are met, the drug will be able to retain its properties for 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Attention! Honey collected during the period of use by bees "Aquakorm" is used on a general basis. In this case, its nutritional value does not change.


"Aquakorm" helps to maintain the performance of the bee family, regardless of external factors. Experienced beekeepers practice feeding with vitamin supplements 1-2 times a year. This allows you to increase the productivity of bees, thereby improving the quality of the crop.


Sotnikov Maxim Alexandrovich, 37 years old, Moscow

I started giving this supplement to bees not so long ago. There is nothing difficult in cooking. The powder just needs to be diluted with water. The effect is observed within a few days after adding "Aquafeed" to the sippy cup. Now I will use it on an ongoing basis.

Korchagina Elena Viktorovna, 43 years old, Yaroslavl

I have been familiar with Aquakorm for a long time. I know firsthand about its positive effects on the bee family. It helps well during the period of their decreased activity. I give the drug to the bees just before wintering. In the spring I see a positive result.

Semenova Irina Olegovna, 54 years old, Norilsk

"Aquakorm" is quite a good supplement, but even it cannot save a strongly weakened family. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor the life of the bees in the hive. This will allow you to detect problems in a timely manner and take action.

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