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Black currant: benefits and harms to health, calorie content

Black currant is the leader among berry crops in terms of the content of ascorbic acid. The berry is loved by many for its special sour taste and unique recognizable aroma. The beneficial properties of black currant and contraindications for use are interrelated. The elements that the composition of the fruit contains have an active effect on the human body.

Composition of black currant berries

The fruits contain organic acids, vitamins, minerals, natural pectins, flavonoids. In addition, they contain volatile compounds, as well as unique essential oils. Each group of elements is different in terms of benefits and type of effects:


Thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, folic and niacin, vitamin C.


Potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese.


Lemon, apple, pantothenic.

Currants are rich in pectins, dietary fiber, glycosides, tannins. Sugars are represented by fructose and glucose. The health benefits or health risks of a berry such as black currant are said to be based on an analysis of the composition's qualities. Its peculiarity is the unique proportions of compounds that make the berries especially useful.

Important! Decoctions of leaves and dried fruits increase the effects of antibiotics taken.

The benefits of black currant

A handful of fresh black berries can fill the body's natural need for ascorbic acid.

Small black glossy fruits in their properties are comparable to the packaging of a vitamin complex, which contains a variety of elements. At the same time, experts note that the skin that surrounds the pulp is especially valuable as an element rich in minerals. Regular consumption of berries has different types of beneficial effects:

  1. Due to the increased content of ascorbic acid, the fruits become an excellent antipyretic and diaphoretic.
  2. The water contained in the pulp has a gentle diuretic effect.
  3. Organic acids, essential oils and volatile compounds promote relaxation and calm the nervous system.
  4. Antioxidant elements normalize the activity of the heart muscle, prevent oxidation processes inside the vessels, maintaining their natural elasticity.
  5. Dietary fiber and tannins help to improve intestinal activity, provoke getting rid of harmful toxins, and protect the walls of the stomach from harmful effects. These qualities of black currant determine the benefits for the intestines.
  6. Vitamins with mineral elements have a positive effect on strengthening the musculoskeletal system.
  7. One of the most valuable is the property of berries to strengthen the body's immune forces, which occurs due to the active assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

Attention! Black currant helps to remove from the body the substances left over from radiation.

Why is black currant useful for a woman's body

In addition to general properties, berries (provided they are consumed regularly) have highly specialized influences. One of them can be called the quality to reduce the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome in women. This is due to the special influence of essential oils. In addition, the fruits reduce migraine-type headaches, which are prone to the female population.

A handful of berries can improve your mood. A great bonus for women is the additional effect of black currant on the condition of the skin, hair, nails. This property is easily explained by the content of B vitamins.

Useful properties of black currant for men

Black currant contains small seeds that are rich in fatty acids. These elements have a positive effect on male potency. In addition, the diuretic effect helps to normalize the functioning of the genitourinary system.

The benefits of black currant for children

Different varieties of currants are introduced into the children's diet, starting from 6 months of age. The child's body needs vitamins that fruits contain. Ascorbic acid helps to form a protective barrier, helps to strengthen the immune system.

In addition, the unique vitamin and mineral composition contributes to the development of the musculoskeletal system, which is especially important in the development of the children's motor apparatus.

Currants are added to fruit purees, it goes well with plums, apples, pears.

Attention! Fruit purees are introduced gradually, after consulting a pediatrician before starting the intake.

The harm of black currant to the human body

Despite the beneficial properties, the unique composition of vitamins, black currant can have a harmful effect. The consequences of uncontrolled intake can be expressed by the appearance of heartburn. This sensation arises from the intense production of gastric juice, which is provoked by acids in the fruit.

Uncontrolled intake of fresh berries can lead to a deterioration in blood counts if natural blood flow is impaired.

In late pregnancy, eating currants increases the risk of constipation. These conditions are undesirable for pregnant women.

Currants are a strong natural allergen; in case of manifestations of the food edition, it is important to carefully treat the use of berries.

Is black currant possible with breastfeeding

Nursing mothers need to expand their diet, supplementing it with healthy foods containing vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the future development of the child. In the absence of contraindications, possible food allergies, black currants are allowed to be consumed with breastfeeding after the child is 3 to 4 months old.

The introduction of berries begins gradually, tracking the baby's reaction. If the child develops an allergic rash, then the reception is stopped. If the baby's body reacts calmly to a new product assimilated by the mother, then this means that the berry is suitable for both mother and child.

Important! Dried or frozen berries retain their essential health benefits.

Blackcurrant and type 2 diabetes

Diagnosed diabetes mellitus significantly complicates life. This is a condition in which it is necessary to carefully monitor blood counts, to avoid taking foods or plant elements with a high glycemic index.

The calorie content of black currant berries is low. Without additional added sugar, the fruits are recommended for people who are on the dietary menu. The sugars that the berry contains are divided into glucose and fructose, these elements are able to be digested without negatively affecting blood sugar. The benefits of black currant fruits for diabetes lies in the fact that berries, being a source of natural vitamins and pectins, have no side effects.

Black currant raises or lowers blood pressure

The influence of black currant on blood pressure indicators is one of the main properties of berries. The trace elements that the composition contains help to strengthen the vascular walls, tidy up the arteries and veins, improving their overall structure. Thanks to these influences, the inner surface of the vessels becomes more elastic.

The normalization of blood flow helps to stabilize blood pressure, therefore, when they talk about the benefits of the black variety with increased pressure, they mean the stabilization of natural processes.

Black currant is recommended for both hypotensive and hypertensive patients. The effect that the berry has is called "normalizing pressure". It can only be achieved with regular consumption of small amounts of berries. Excessive intake can lead to pressure surges, therefore they talk about an increase or decrease in blood pressure.

Black currant weakens or strengthens

If you have problems with stool, doctors recommend using suitable products, replacing fast food with vegetable proteins, dietary fiber. This technique helps to normalize the digestive system without the use of medications.

Black currants are recommended for those who periodically experience diarrhea. In addition to actions that normalize digestion processes, berries have a beneficial fixing effect.

This quality is especially appreciated by young mothers who introduce complementary foods to children in the summer. In children from 1 to 3 years old, the digestive processes are unstable and constantly changing, therefore, during daily summer walks, mothers try to expand the diet with elements that help to strengthen the stool.

Using black currant

The beneficial properties and unique taste of black currant are in demand in various fields. It is used as a source of vitamins, minerals, and also as a delicious berry that gives baked goods and desserts a special sour taste.

The properties and taste are in demand in the preparation of delicious drinks. In the summer they are chilled and served with ice to quench their thirst. In winter, a warm drink made from frozen currants can help relieve symptoms of colds.

In cooking

A variety of preserves, jams and compotes are prepared from black currants. After heat treatment, the fruits lose some of their properties, but remain healthy and tasty. Natural pectins, which the black variety is rich in, make it possible to make delicious thick jams without the addition of gelatin or agar-agar.

Jams are prepared by boiling berries in sugar syrup or grind with a blender or meat grinder. In this case, currant puree acquires a special structure. The jam, grated in a meat grinder, is used to make berry pies, added to biscuit baked goods.

Blackcurrant compotes and fruit drinks are known for their beneficial effects:

  • have a diuretic effect;
  • restore water balance;
  • act as a general tonic;
  • contribute to the normalization of body temperature with chills, fever.

Dried or fresh berries are added to black tea, this makes the drink especially useful and gives a special aroma. Such teas are drunk freshly brewed. The benefits of blackcurrant tea for women are especially noticeable. They improve mood, relieve anxiety, relax and calm down.

Important! In the south of France, a traditional berry soup is prepared from black currant.

Desserts are also decorated with berries, mousses, puddings, and jelly are prepared from currant puree. Due to the characteristic sour taste, blackcurrant fruits are used to prepare the traditional Georgian red wine sauce, which is served with baked meat.

Currant is a traditional ingredient for making homemade liqueurs, liqueurs, and liqueurs. The type of drink prepared depends on the proportions of sugar, berries and alcohol. Low-alcohol liqueurs are compared to classic grape wines.

In folk medicine

The properties of the fruit, which are used to normalize blood pressure, are in demand by traditional medicine. The effect of taking infusions with an alcohol component can be different. The condition for use is the absence of contraindications and adherence to the rules of admission.

The main raw materials for the preparation of decoctions with useful properties are currant leaves and flowers. Dried fruits in folk medicine are also used as a component with which medicinal tinctures are prepared.

There are unique old recipes using fresh berries. One example is the preparation of a blood-improving formula. This composition has long been used to treat anemia.

Grind fresh berries with sugar, add buckwheat flour, mix until smooth. All ingredients are taken in equal proportions. This mixture is taken in 1 tbsp. l. after a meal every day during the course of the therapeutic course.

To strengthen the immune system, an infusion is prepared from dried fruits of currants and rose hips, taken in equal proportions. The mixture is poured with a glass of boiling water, insisted. It is taken three times a day for two weeks.

In cosmetology

In summer, when berries and fruits ripen, women use them for cosmetic purposes. As a topical agent, black currant can be beneficial for the face:

  • promote skin whitening;
  • remove swelling;
  • improve the overall color and texture of the skin.

Face masks are made from puréed pulp or fruit juice. For dry skin, add 1 tbsp to the pulp. sour cream, mix until the maximum combination of components. Apply to face after preliminary cleansing, rinse off after 10 minutes. Oily skin of the face is wiped with juice squeezed from the fruit, then a light cream or emulsion is applied.

How many calories are in black currant

The calorie content of black currant berries is considered one of the lowest. In the presence of useful elements, a varied vitamin and mineral complex, 100 g of berries contain only 45 kcal. This indicator increases when taking berries with sugar or powdered sugar.

Contraindications to black currant

The beneficial properties of black currant can provoke negative influences if a person is diagnosed with serious diseases. Currants are one of those berries that have a powerful effect when entering the human body, therefore uncontrolled intake or use contrary to contraindications can be dangerous complications. Before preparing dishes or drinks from currants, you need to familiarize yourself with the prohibitions that are associated with the characteristics of the diagnosed diseases.

  1. The pulp and the acids it contains affect the active production of gastric juice, so the berry can be harmful to those who have a constantly acidic stomach. These signs are typical for diagnoses such as gastritis, ulcers, colitis.
  2. Berries, due to the unique complex of vitamins and minerals combined with organic acids and essential oils, actively influence blood counts. They are contraindicated for those people who have impaired blood clotting. Uncontrolled intake is dangerous for thrombophlebitis, a tendency to varicose veins.
  3. When assimilating the rich complex of substances contained in currants, there is an increased load on the liver. When diagnosing hepatitis, it is better to refuse to eat berries.

Useful properties and contraindications of currant twigs

Branches, buds and leaves of currants contain flavonoids, organic acids, tannins, essential oils, and remnants of mineral salts. The branches on which the fruits ripen have a recognizable currant aroma. They are used to prepare medicinal compositions.

The main beneficial properties of infusions from currant twigs, which are in demand by traditional medicine:

  1. Antibacterial. Infusions are used to treat skin diseases, relieve redness after bites.
  2. Anti-inflammatory. Thanks to useful tannins, decoctions relieve swelling, help relieve inflammation.
  3. Pain relievers. Lotions from concentrated infusions can have a slight analgesic effect - due to the content of antioxidant substances and compounds of volatile acids.

Usually, the branches are infused with the leaves. Such compositions cure eczema, relieve psoriasis symptoms.


The useful properties of black currant and the contraindications for taking it are closely related. The fruits are rich in ascorbic acid, pectins, organic acids, minerals. A handful of berries can replenish your daily intake of vitamin C.In addition, the berry is tasty, in demand in cooking, and has an interesting recognizable aroma. In the absence of contraindications, the berry is invaluable to the body.

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